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What to Wear to a Wedding

Depending on how formal the wedding is and what time of day it will be at means what you wear will vary

Formal Weddings

For a formal evening wedding you would want to wear a short cocktail dress or a longer dress should you choose. Don't forget your accessories. A formal daytime wedding would call for a short dress. If you are feeling particularly fancy you could wear a nice hat and gloves as well.  


Informal weddings

Daytime informal weddings call for a short  light dress, a nice floral will do. Informal evening weddings would call for something a little dressier but on par with your cocktail dress or "little black dress" Yes, black is OK in the case of an evening wedding so long as you appear to be going a reception and not a wake immediately after the wedding. You want to limit black to a fun cocktail dress that doesn't look too revealing. A little color for weddings will generally help look less like a mourner. 


For a casual wedding a very nice sundress will be a safe bet. Wearing Jeans and a T-shirt, no matter how nice the clothes are is a no.

Things to wear and do and things not to


Should you choose to wear gloves to any wedding, removing them prior to eating or drinking is must. Wearing black, again, is a no. Unless it has a fun feel and only for an evening wedding. Wearing sequins to a daytime wedding a no but in the evening for a formal wedding its a yes, if you so choose. Showing too much is a definite no. Dressing in any manner that might be misconstrued as competing with the bride or attention, NO, NO, NO.


Competing with the bride

You wouldn't want anyone taking your limelight on your special day, don't do it to her. Wearing white has been traditionally a taboo, hair accessories with gems or wearing a white dress may be seen as a shameless cry for attention or even worse disrespectful to the bride herself.  

Add a little courtesy to your beautiful fashion ensemble and a little etiquette and you will be a welcome and cherished guest that helped make a special day worth remembering for a lifetime.

Is black dress OK for a wedding?

Many women question whether it is ok to wear a black dress to a wedding. Based on everything women have been taught about how to dress for special occasions, black is definitely a fashion faux pas when you are attending wedding. After all, because it is bold and stands out on any occasion, it threatens to violate one of the first rules of attending weddings: do not upstage the bride. Black dresses can be classy and command the right kind of attention, if done tastefully. There are certain tips that will make a black dress go over well for a wedding.

Design: The design of the black dress can make a difference. A dress with a print is more appropriate than one without.
Material:It is appropriate to wear a black dress if the material is high quality, such as satin or silk, or if it has added sparkle and shine that makes it look elegant.

Cocktail: The short little black dress is a staple in most women's wardrobes, and is meant to be worn to cocktail events. If the wedding is going to be such an event, then the short little black dress is perfectly acceptable.

Adding Color: Add a splash of color to your black dress. It keeps the outfit festive. It is best to find a bright pashmina draped, polished stone necklaces, earrings and bracelets or a smashing belt and pumps to set off the little black dress.

Attitudes toward the black dress at weddings has evolved. It has had enough appearances now to be considered elegant, chic and fashionable. Do not spend a lot of time deciding whether to wear a black dress. Spend that time instead choosing accessories that will look good on you when you toast the bride and groom.