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Bridgewater College

Student Employment Dress Code Policy

The dress and grooming standards of this policy are intended to establish minimum standards for the student workers of Bridgewater College. In addition to these minimum standards, supervisors are authorized to establish more restrictive standards, as deemed appropriate for the work area.
Standards of appearance require careful implementation. In all cases, neatness, health and safety, appropriateness, and good taste shall be observed.
The following minimum standards shall be enforced at Bridgewater College:

A. Any clothing, makeup, hairstyle or wig that has been demonstrated to contribute to the substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the college is inappropriate/ unacceptable. Dress should be suitable for the work environment and present a professional image and should be clean and in good repair.

B. Skirts and shorts shall be worn at an appropriate/acceptable length for sitting as well as standing so that undergarments shall not show (length should be no shorter than mid-thigh). Shorts must be hemmed, no cut-offs are allowed. Skirts and dresses may be of any style if all slits, openings and the length are no higher than half the distance between the knee and waist and do not expose one's undergarments. No undergarments or posteriors shall show. Shirts are required at all times.

C. Pants must fit at the hip so they will stay on without a belt.
The following items of clothing are considered inappropriate/unacceptable for any workers, including students while performing work for the college:
Strapless, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, or spaghetti straps
Bare Midriffs (no skin showing)
Undergarments showing
Emblems, lettering or pictures pertaining to drugs, alcohol, sex, profanity or gangs
Chains or weapons (chains such as those attached to belts or wallets present a safety hazard).
Shirts, tops or sweaters unbuttoned below the sternum
Bathing Suits
Unsafe Jewelry or unsafe clothing
Spandex pants or other tight fitting clothing

Source: http://www.bridgewater.edu/faculty-and-staff/human-resources/student-employment/dress-code-policy