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Faulkner University - A Christian University

While recognizing that personal tastes and styles may vary considerably, the University has established a dress code that all students are expected to review and follow. These guidelines are not created to dictate strict conformity or to impose oppressive restrictions, but are designed to encourage foster a Christian atmosphere and standards of modesty appropriate to Christian life (1 Timothy 2:8) and standards of personal appearance that will be expected for many students in their chosen professions.

Appropriate Dress

Students are expected to dress and to groom themselves in a way that reflects neatness, moderation and appropriateness. Students should not dress to call attention to their body parts. Students failing to observe the personal appearance policies of the University should expect to be approached by faculty, staff, or administrative personnel regarding their appearance. If a student is uncertain about any dress regulation, he/she should ask the Dean of Students. All dress code questions are decided at the discretion of the Dean of Students.

Appropriate Dress for Women

Appropriate dress for women includes slacks, jeans, modest shorts, skirts, blouses, and dresses that are modest and neat. All females are required to wear a bra when in public. Women's hair must be neat.

Appropriate Dress for Men

Appropriate dress for men includes slacks, jeans, modest shorts, shirts, and suits that are neat in appearance. Men's hair must be neat and not excessively long. Men are encouraged to remove headwear when they enter any building on Faulkner's campus. The exception would be for medical conditions. Men students must remove headwear when entering chapel or a classroom.

Dress Code Clothing must not expose skin in any of the following ways:
Low cut or wide-open necklines or arm holes
Short tops or low-cut/low-riding pants
The midriff area must not shown.
Spaghetti straps are not allowed.
Pants or jeans must not have holes or be ragged.
Shorts, skirts or dresses must be no more than 3" above the knee, when seated. This includes athletic attire, and applies to regulation play and practice sessions.
Extremely tight-fitting clothes, including Spandex-type clothing are not permitted.
Dresses or blouses worn over leggings must meet the length requirement stated above.
Clothes with un-Christian words or pictures are not permitted.
Clothing designed for use as sleepwear is not permitted outside of residential areas.
Athletic shorts appropriate to the sport may be worn while participating in athletic classes/activities. This type of clothing is not appropriate for other areas, such as the cafeteria or classrooms.