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Wearing Leggings to School

leggings are not pants

Teenage girls studying in school like leggings as a part for their school dress. They say, it saves them from the schlubby sweatpants look. But this tight attire chafe has provoked some school officials and teachers, who find them way revealing than other dress options.

how to wear leggings at schoolSome of the schools like Salt Lake City's Highland has took this issue to Twitter and Facebook to notify back-to-school students, that leggings will not allowed unless worn in combination with a longer shirt, shorts or skirt providing cover.

"Each year the fashions change and different types of clothing become popular. Last year a fashion trend that became popular were form fitting leggings.

As students begin to shop for school clothes we wanted to provide the community some input. After reviewing the dress code the Highland Administration has determined that form fitting leggings are not in compliance with school dress code. Specifically the dress code indicates that "Clothing should be of modest design...and provocative clothing will not be allowed." Leggings may be worn under a modest length skirt or modest length shorts but should not be worn by themselves."

Assistant Principle of Highland, Scott Richard Nelson says, "Highland is not banning the dress, but making some amendments in uniform policies to that student wear a sober dress that at best covers the butt and crotch. Nelson further adds "Sometimes, the dress is so tight that nothing is left unimagined."

Granite District Schools Spokesman, Ben Horsley defines leggings as the "newest incarnation" in trend that has been putting school dress codes on test. There are schools like Forerunners that include spaghetti straps, halter tops, crop stops and mini-skirts in their uniform.

Despite of getting stuck to the explanation of what offends, banning bare skin is a way easier option to concede and follow. Some leggings are made of nylon and cotton, while spandex is used for sportier versions. Skinny jeans, tights and yoga pants are some of the other sister versions.

Now leggings are being replaced by "jeggings" - which is tight and stretchy, and often decoyed as denim. Since leggings are way cheaper than jeans, girls can keep a complete stock of different styles and varieties in few hundred dollars.

Highland sophomore, Bayleigh Walt says, "It's pants," who wears old black navy pair nowadays. "We do not show off skin, we come covered; I don't understand why they resist them. Legging is a common wear for girls nowadays; there would rarely any girl who doesn't have wardrobe full of it."

Keeping good but simple taste and dressing prospering is what required at school. You dress differently for home and wear a different kind of attire for working place. It can be considered as a reason why school stands as a good place to make children learn the difference between two atmospheres.

What's the difference between leggings and pants?

Not all tights are bad, but some worn by school and college students are way too revealing. One has to understand the difference between fabrics. Some fabrics do look like second skin and not like a dress, which is highly inappropriate for young girls, which outlines every couture of the body.

Tight jeans and yoga pants are okay, which can be still categorized as not-suitable for school... but leggings are completely different from pants. The issue is not about girls or boys, school need to focus on real issue than representing a wrong side of it. Perhaps no such thing is needed; the main thing is common sense of people.

You have to understand that "leggings are not pants." Yet you'll find a few girls getting sandwiched between confusions and consequences or they just do not want to lose the level of comfort and convenience.

Ultimately, fashion is all about self-expression, and at appropriate age, students should be given freedom to do experiments with different styles, after entering into middle school years.

Leggings have been a part of women's wardrobe from decades. They do not come in the category of tights or pants. When worn in combination with long top or tunic, the top/tunic covers the underwear outlines and also offers a perfectly non-distracting look. You show less skin and get a more slimming and flattering look, which is way better than wearing extra thick leggings under dress or skirt- which only some schools prefer to be worn.

Even leggings are not the actual problem, it is the educational aspect associated with school dressing style. Places that are specially meant for future to take shape as such area of productivity, schools put more focus on teaching students about social norms and why simple thing like legging can turn into a social issue. Institutions must develop or put a scenario before making students follow the dubious dress code solutions. You need to teach them that a bird is not a cow, before showing them how to catch it, rather than forcing them to buy a gun. The first attempt must be always to demonstrate the difference.

Leggings/Jeggings are a distraction to boys

One of the most fundamental and basic between women and men is that, in general, women have a strong sense of attraction towards man and their traits. Women also get attracted by their appearance, but not in a way men do. For woman, only looks are not enough to get sexually attracted; on contrary, men are more visually stimulated. Men are more drawn towards woman's appearance, body and sexiness. In addition, more men watch pornography than women. These are some of the differences that narrow downs the issue of attire. While it may sound this may be indigestible thing to some women, but it is the male nature.

When a woman dresses proactively, men think they do it to gain men's attention. Girlfriends and wives will deny this fact from every angle, most might say, women dress beautiful because they love to look beautiful not for sexual reasons. Another reason behind getting dressed beautifully is to get ahead on competition with other women. Most men would find this senseless.

A considerable size of women population dress to grab men's attention, but those who don't are completely unaware of what or how their tight dressing influence male population. I am sure that men love this trend, as women in tight leggings give air to their imagination, without putting any effort. If thought from male perspective, women in leggings are considered or imagined the same as she is nude.