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NYC Nightlife: Dress Code List

Pacha New York: Dress Code

pacha nyc front entranceThe dress code is neat, clean, fashionable, and trendy. Sneakers are fine as long as they are of good taste. No baggy jeans, Timberland boots, sports jerseys, head gear, sweat pants, and or shorts. Our doorman has the final say. Please call us at 212-209-7500 if you have any questions regarding specifics on the dress code.

618 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036



Cielo NYC: Dress Code

cielo nightclub logoCielo does not have a specific dress code. Sneakers and jeans are allowed so long as you look elegant and presentable. Do you have a coat check? Cielo has 2 coat checks for the colder months (October-March) and 1 coat check year round. Items can be checked for $3 per item.

18 Little West 12th St, New York, NY 10014



Webster Hall: Dress Code

webster hall signDress to impress! * Neat and trendy appearence a must. Webster Hall reserves the right to deny admission to anyone, and is not required to specify cause for denial. No Boots, Timberlands, Acg's, Hats or Baggy Clothes. Door has the right to be selective!

125 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003



Rebel NYC: Dress Code

rebel night club nycAddress: 251 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001

Gents Collared shirt required - (We recommend a button-up. Polo shirts are not allowed). Blazers are always recommended. No Sports Caps, Hats or doo rags. We suggest Shoes at Prada/Diesel Type Sneaker Shoes. No boots including Timberlands, ACG's, Polo Boots and Nike Boots, No white or colored sneakers, Black Sneakers are 50/50 sometimes allowed at doorman's discretion. Absolutely no baggy clothes or Hoodies. Jeans ok if fitted, ripped jeans are not allowed so we suggest straying away from them. Also we suggest staying away from Jeans with words written across them. No Graphic tees.
Ladies Jeans ok if fitted ripped jeans are not allowed so we suggest straying away from them. Also we suggest staying away from Jeans with words wrirten across them No slippers or Flip Flops. Absolutely no baggy clothes or Hoodies. No boots including Timberlands, ACG's, Uggz, Polo Boots and Nike Boots. No Sports caps, Hats or doo rags


TenJune: Dress Code

tenjune nightclub nycDress to impress. Collared shirts mandatory for guys. Ladies No flats. Upscale Chic: no shorts, hats , flip flops, or Timberland boots

125 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003



Greenhouse Club NYC: Dress Code

Greenhouse ClubMen are required to wear dress shoes. No tank tops, tennis shoes or shorts. Stilettos and short-short BCBG and Bebe skirts for girls and shiny shoes and pressed shirts for guys. Anything goes on Sundays.

150 Varick St, New York, NY 10013


230 Fifth: Dress Code

Roof Bars - Drinking In the SkylineWe encourage our guests to "dress up, not down." Nice dress jeans, and a collared polo shirt are fine, but torn, ripped or baggy jeans and t-shirts are not permitted. Also not permitted are flip-flops, tank tops, sports caps and any shirts with writing on them, and any other attire that is not in keeping with an upscale environment. 230 Fifth is definitely the best rooftop bar in the city. Voted #1 rooftop bar by NYCNewYork.com

230 5th Ave, New York, NY 10001



40/40 Club

40/40 ClubFriday and Saturday only, Dress to impress. No sneakers. No hats after 11pm. Management of The 40/40 Club reserves the right to refuse access to anyone dressed inappropriately in their sole discretion. Athletic wear, shorts, baggy or torn jeans, and baseball hats worn inside The 40/40 Club are not permitted.

6 West 25th Street, New York, NY, 10010



Clubs with NO dress code in New York City

Club Shelter
37 Vandam St, New York, NY 10013  
"Dress casual and don;t go with heavy clothing because it actually gets quite hot inside the club."

Bootie NYC
158 Bleecker St New York, NY 10012
"Never a dress code. I am a t-shirt and jeans guy, always have been, always will be, and it's great to see a relaxed atmosphere maintained."

113 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002  
"Casual atmosphere, no dress code. Not horribly overcrowded, but definitely a popular place on the Lower East Side."

The Park
118 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011  
"I've been coming here for almost 6 years and I believe there's no dress code like other pretentious clubs in the area. It's a cool place to impress your out-of-town friends."

R Bar
218 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 
"I like this place because it's nearby and had no cover and no dress code."

No Malice Palace
197 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009 
"No cover, no dress code, no stress. Recommend for a chill night with friends." 

"The factor that makes New York nightclubs so popular is simply the quality of service. Of course much of their success credit goes to the super enthusiastic people that visit these clubs. Be it the music, the dancing lights, the lounges, the drinks and the pretty faces, NYC nightclubs have everything one would expect to find in a nightclub, with an advantage that it will engulf the visitor within a snap. The aura and the vibe of New York nightclubs is what it makes people to stay awake the whole night with their feet thumping and body moving. These nightclubs are also the Speers of some best cocktails and beverages."


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