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Tennis Dress Code

Tennis Attire: Dressing Up to Code
tennis players

Whether you are playing in a tournament or simply practicing in an un-umpired game, at a posh club or at your local tennis court, you must adhere to the ideal tennis dress code. Gone are those days where you would wear trousers and shirts, jump onto the court with anything on your feet and start swinging the rackets. The game has changed and so has its dress code. Unlike other games, organizations may not impose a tennis dress code on you unless it is a tournament or professional practice, but you should still adhere to the ideal tennis dress code for your own safety and optimum performance.

Standard Tennis Dress Code
The standard tennis dress code for men includes a t-shirt or vest, shorts, tennis shoes and cushioned socks. Whether you would opt for a t-shirt or vest would depend largely on the local weather. Usually, half sleeved t-shirts are the most opted for tennis dress code. It is imperative that you choose synthetic fabrics because cotton would be too prone to sustain moisture.

Synthetic fabrics are light, they feel as comfortable as cotton and they do not hold on to sweat. Using cushioned socks would be important and tennis shoes are a must. Sneakers or normal jogging shoes may not be ideal for a game of tennis. Also, men should choose innerwear that is comfortable, light and allows the skin to breathe. Very compact innerwear would be uncomfortable as tennis is a physically intensive game.

Women can opt for t-shirts or spaghettis and tennis skirts or shorts. It is necessary that women consider comfort and utility of the dress over fashion because easy movement and durability of the dress makes one an ideal tennis dress code. Like men, women should also opt for tennis shoes and cushioned socks. Women should opt for sports bras which are much more supportive than ordinary bras.

Accessories In Tennis Dress Code
There are some accessories that are mandatory in an ideal tennis dress code. Wristbands and headbands should be endorsed to keep sweat off, one should have a hanky tucked in at the back and hair should be tied properly. If the shorts or tennis skirts of men and women respectively do not have pockets then provisions have to be made to hold the tennis balls during serves. Fancy hats or caps are not recommended in the ideal tennis code.

Dress Code for Spectators
Only the competitors have a strict dress code, spectators typically come in comfy casual wear. More importantly there is an etiquette that should be followed. Read more about that here.

For Men
Tennis shorts are standard. As with other tennis clothing, keep them loose with a fabric that wicks away moisture. Gym shorts, running shorts or swim trunks, along with long pants, are prohibited on most private courts and country clubs.

For Women
Women can choose to wear a one-piece tennis dress, or a shirt and tennis skirt, and even a short skirt with built-in shorts, also known as a skort. On most courts, they also can choose to wear a shirt with shorts. Again, look for comfort while staying within the rules of the court. A loose fit for ease of movement and a fabric that wicks perspiration away from your skin makes the best clothing for the court.