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Clothes to Wear to the Airport

Airport Attire - Fashion for the Flight
dresed for the airport

These days, a trip through the airport can be the worst kind of hassle. With check-ins, metal detectors, and sometimes even strip-searches, it's important to know what you might be dealing with beforehand. It might not seem like it, but the clothes you wear to the airport are extremely important and can help you make your admission into the plane quicker and easier.

As much fun as vacations are, the long, long flights are definitely difficult! And deciding on what to wear is even tougher - you want to show up looking chic but you need to be comfortable for your flight and all of your transfers as well!

Let's start with pants. The best thing to wear is a good pair of jeans or pants that aren't too tight, the better to keep you comfortable during your possibly long wait to get onto the plane, and even longer flight. Do not wear baggy sweatpants or pajama bottoms. Although they might be more comfortable for you, you want to look a little classy. More importantly, you're probably going to be searched. The TSA needs to make sure there's nothing hidden in those baggy clothes that could make you a risky flyer. Also, wear pants that fit. A belt can be tedious to unbuckle and put through the scanner, and passengers behind you are going to be annoyed for taking those few extra minutes.

When it comes to tops, you want to wear something nice, but still comfortable for that sometimes long plane ride. Try not to wear any "hoodies" or jackets that have ties and buckles. You're going to have to take these off, and they're a hassle to remove quickly. Besides, you don't want to mess up your hair when removing that sweatshirt. Stick to zip-up jackets and sweatshirts if you really need one.

Your shoes are also very important. Try to slip on something comfortable... you might be standing in line for a little while. Remember to wear shoes that are easily removable. Too many laces and buckles will be a hassle when taking off your shoes for the scanner. If you must wear heels for that business trip, make sure they're comfortable and you can stand in them for an extended period of time. Flip-flops, the abomination of footwear, should be a no-no for the airport. Think of how many germs your feet will encounter as you walk barefoot through the body scanner. Wear socks or panty-hose to ensure you don't face this problem.

When it comes to accessories for your outfit, try to be modest in your jewelry selections. You're going to have to take them off, and it's best to either leave the valuable items at home, or in a carry-on. And here's one last thing you might not have thought of... try not to wear a bra with underwire. Those metal detectors are extremely sensitive, and you don't want to face an embarrassing pat-down or strip-search. If you follow these guidelines on clothes to wear to the airport, you're in for a much-smoother entry, and an even smoother flight.

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