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It's hard staying in tune with "what's hot". This website is designed to help you stay in style and look great wherever you travel. When traveling, it's difficult to know exactly what to wear to your desired location. can not only tell you what the locals wear but we can show you what's being worn wherever you decide to travel. Our aim is to show you what people are wearing around the country. If you want to know what type of shoes are being worn in LA you can find out. If you need to know what to wear in Seattle on a cool day so you don't stand out we can show you; all you have to do is click.

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Suggestions on what outfits to wear for a range of occasions

    The what to wear basics
  • Location: Consider the lighting at the venue, weather/climate and what "the scene" there is like.
  • Attendees: Figure out who's going to be there, is this a friends/family event? Is this upscale or casual?
  • Fabrics: Is the fabric you of your favorite piece appropriate? Will you be showing too much skin?
  • Tailoring: Does your clothes fit comfortably?
  • Presentation: Are you appropriately groomed? Is your shirt wrinkled?

Shoes are a major staple in any outfit. They can tie into your look or completely stand out. They can make anything look from comfortable and easy going to elegant and fashion forward. There are thousands of options on the market these days which give you plenty of options when you're looking for something with, let's say, a high-wasted skirt.

If you want to go for a trendy look when wearing a short high waisted skirt, knee length suede boot s are a perfect option or if you're looking for a comfy and laid back look gladiator sandals could be a great choice. Gladiators are popping up everywhere in different designs and colors. It's easy to see that they are the "hot" shoe right now. Since there are many options in the materials, colors and shapes you can surely find the right kind for your lifestyle.

Finding a great Spring dress that's in your budget and makes you look awesome can be a tough task But when you find that perfect dress the feeling is fantastic. Dresses can be a life saver in the summer; their flowery shape helps to cool you down on those hot days.

High waisted skirts are all the rage right now. A brightly colored patterned skirt can make you look summery and happy. They're perfect for hot days keeping you cool and looking great.

Handbags are an essential for women who always have to carry what they need close at hand. Handbag shapes and styles change continuously but they all have one thing in common...functionality. Just looking at a busy crosswalk you can see that women these days are all using the same sized bags...LARGE. Large colorful leather hobo bags are very "in" right now. They are comfortable and they can fit everything you need. Reversible bags are a good option to look into because you get two bags in one.

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