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ANC Secondary School Dress Code for Girls

Personal appearance influences the sphere and educational environment of the Girls School. Our clothing tends to reflect our feelings and influences our behavior. We believe that our dress policy, combined with school philosophy and programs, promotes an atmosphere where the students can comfortably focus on learning and positive growth. Girls School students are expected to dress in a manner that is respectful to themselves, fellow students, faculty, administrators, and the community.

Students are expected to dress in a manner that is respectful to themselves, fellow students, faculty, administrators and the community. The Principal reserves the right to adjust specific items of the dress code and special standards as necessary and warranted to maintain order, the sphere and environment conducive to education and the principles of the Academy. Repeated clothing violations will result in disciplinary consequences.


In the interests of health and safety, only ear piercings are acceptable. Facial and body piercings are unacceptable. If a piercing is seen (or heard, in the case of tongue piercing) in a location other than the ears, the student will be asked to remove it. Further consequences may result in the case of repeated infractions or defiance, at the Principal's discretion.

  • Hair must be a (single) naturally found color.
  • Distracting hairstyles should not be worn.
  • Head scarves and bonnets may be worn throughout the school year. They must be solid-colored. They may be black, white, red, dark green, light or navy blue - in shades that match the uniform. Please keep them simple: if they are too ornate or distracting, you will receive a dress-code violation and be asked not to wear that particular item again. Note: Hats are still not permitted. If in doubt, ask.
1. Academic Day

Official Girls School Uniform

All girls are required to have an official Girls School uniform, comprised of:

  • A black plaid kilt or four-pleated skirt (Note: Flynn & O'Hara call these "red plaid")
  • An official, ANC white Oxford-cloth button down shirt (short, mid-length or long-sleeved)
  • An official, crested, red ANC sweater (cardigan pull-over)
  • A pair of black knee-high socks
  • A pair of black or dark brown low-heeled, fully-enclosed shoes.

Girls School students must wear this uniform for Charter Day, Graduation, and other special events.

Other Uniform Options

A. Skirts ad Pants:
Girls must have a black plaid kilt or four-pleated skirt. Other options include:

  • Two other skirt options:
    • Khaki kilt or four-pleated skirt
    • LIght blue kilt or four-pleated skirt (fall and spring terms only)
  • Additionally, the uniform includes two pants options
    • Khaki slcacks (from Flynn & O'Hara or Lands End)
    • Khaki corduroys (Lands End only)
  • Girls may choose to wear any of these options. When wearing kilts or four-pleated skirts, girls must wear black spandex shorts underneath. Skirts may not be worn over pants. Non-uniform skirts and pants are not acceptable. Kilts and skirts must be no shorter than the top of the knee-cap when standing erect. Students may buy a larger size kilt than needed and move the buttons to achieve the required length. Note: the four-pleated skirt has a zipper closure, so there is no way to adjust it if it becomes too snug.
  • It is recommended that every girl have at least two of the black plaid uniform skirts.

B. Shirts:
Girls must have a white, ANC-monogrammed Oxford-cloth shirt (short, mid-length, or long sleeved). Other options include:

  • an ANC-monogrammed polo shirt in red, white, navy, or black.

If unbanded, the Oxford-cloth shirt must be worn tucked in. Oxford-cloth shirts are available from Flynn & O'Hara or Lands End; Polo shirts are available from Flynn & O'Hara, Lands End, and ANC.

Only plain white shirts are allowed under uniform shirts for layering; they may be tank, t-shirt, or turtleneck styles. Under layers should not show at the waist.h Long-sleeved shirts may not be worn under short-sleeved shirts.

It is recommended that every girl have at least four uniform shirts.

C. Sweaters, Fleeces, Vests, and Sweatshirts:
Girls must have a red ANC-crested sweater in either pull-on or cardigan style. Other options include:

  • a black ANC-crested pullover style sweater (Flynn & O'Hara only)
  • red or black ANC-crested fleeces
  • red or black ANC-crested sweater vests
  • Honor society sweater vests
  • black letter-style ANC sweater (ANC only)

On Fridays and during exams, girls may also wear official "ANC" hooded, crew neck, or half-zip style sweatshirts. (All available only at ANC. The hooded and crew neck styles are available in black, red, navy, or gray; the half-ip is gray only.)

All sweaters, vests, fleeces and sweatshirts must be worn over a liegal uniform shirt.

Non-uniform sweaters, sweatshirts or fleeces may not be worn in a school.

D. Socks and Tights:
During winter term, knee high socks or footed tights are required. In spring and fall, they are recommended but not required. If worn in spring or fall, socks may be no-rise, low-rise, or knee high, but must be in one of the requisite colors, opaque, or devoid of pattern.

  • Approved colors for socks and footed tights include: white, black, red, navy, or dark green (in shades that match the colors found in the plaid skirt).
  • Socks and tights must be solid-colored, opaque, and devoid of extreme patterns. Subtle patterns (such as cable-knit) are acceptable.
  • Skin-toned tights or nylons may also be worn. They must be plain and devoid of pattern, but need not be opaque.
  • Socks worn with pants must at least cover the ankles and be in one of the requisite colors.
  • If socks are worn over tights, they must be the same color as the tights.
  • Socks that at least cover the ankles are required in all science labs.

Leggings may be worn as an extra layer; they must be the same color as the socks worn over them and must meet the socks. Leggings must be form-fitting light tights.

E. Shoes:
Girls are required to have a pair of black or dark brown low-heeled, fully enclosed shores.

Girls should wear solid-colored or bi-colored, non-distracting shoes. The shoes should not be overly ornamented nor be too high in the heel. Shoes fall into two categories: those for year-round wear and those for specified seasons.

Shoes should be fully-enclosed in a solid color or bi-colored in shades of black or brown (including gray or tan). White may be an accent color. Shoes may have no more than two colors.

  • Athletic-style shoes (including lace-up Keds and Converse styles) may be worn with pants only.
  • If a student is in a science lab, safety regulations require that they wear fully enclosed shoes that cover the top of the foot. If these shoes are athletic-styled, they may be worn with a skirt for the lab period only. (Socks that cover the ankle must also be worn in the lab.)
    • In fall and spring terms:
      • Acceptable colors are expanded to include blue and white in addition to the colors above. Shoes must still be single colored or two toned.
      • Shoes do not have to be fully enclosed, but a back strap is required.
      • Crocs are an acceptable style, but must be worn with the ankle strap at the heel.
      • Sandals may be worn, but a back strap is required.
    • In winter term:
      • Boots may be worn. They should be sensible, low-heeled, solid-colored in black, brown, tan or gray. They may lace up the front, zip, or pull on. They may be of any height between ankle and knee.
      • Ugg-style and cowboy boots are also permitted in black, brown, tan or gray.
      • Rain and snow boots may not be worn in school; students who wear them to school should expect to change their shoes prior to homeroom. (This applies year-round.)
    • Unacceptable Shoes and Styles:
      • Girls may not wear metallic shoes or those with more than two colors. Slippers (including moccasin styled), house shoes, flip-flops, beachwear and shower shoes are not acceptable, nor are shoes without a solid sole. Shoes that are overly ornamented, distracting, or too high in the heel are not permitted. Dress code violations may be given in these cases and the girl will be instructed not to wear these shoes again.
2. School Sponsored Events

Please note that these include sporting events (even as a fan), events organized by the Social Committee, all club events, awards and arts presentations, and any event that is sponsored by the school or a school group.

Students should be dressed in an exemplary and appropriate manner when representing the Academy on a team, a trip, for social activities, or for special events. The Principal, coaches, teachers, and advisors will set the standard.

For school-sponsored events at which a uniform is not required girls should dress in clean clothing that is modest, fits appropriately, and is in good repair.

Girls may not wear skimpy, spaghetti-strap, strapless, or halter-style tank tops. Tank top straps must be at least 1.5" wide. clothing may not be see-through; underwear should never be visible, including bra straps. All shirts must cover the midriff completely, even when a student's arms are extended overhead.

Pants and jeans should fit appropriately and conceal underwear. If a student wears a low cut style of pant, it must be worn with a shirt long enough to be (and stay) tucked in. Shorts may be worn, but should be long enough to ensure full coverage. Ideally, the shorts should be longer than the fingertips when standing erect.

If a skirt or a dress is worn, the hem should not come above the top of the knee-cap when standing erect. Slits should not extend above the knee when standing. Wearing leggings or tights under a dress does not change the requirement.

clothing with inappropriate sayings, slogans, or pictures may not be worn at any time. Dirty, ripped or torn clothing is likewise unacceptable.

Health code regulations require shoes in all public buildings, hence shoes must be worn at all times when inside any school building.

3. Dress Code for Dances

The following guidelines are intended to preserve and promote a sphere of respectful and appropriate social interaction.

Dance dresses that pass all of the above must also continue to do so during all normal activities at a dance, including dancing (even with arms raised over your head) or sitting out a song on the sidelines.

  • Dance dresses should reflect good taste and modesty.
  • Dresses must be no more than 1.5 inches above the knee, and may be longer.
    • An opaque layer must at least reach the top of the patella.
    • Tulle, eyelet and/or lace do not qualify as an opaque layer.
  • Slits may not extend more than 1.5 inches above the knee.
  • Strapless and backless dresses are not permitted.
  • All dresses must cover the back up to the bottom of the shoulder blades.
    • No lace-up backs or cress-cross straps over bare skin below the shoulder blades
    • No lame or sheer fabrics; the back must be opaque up to the shoulder blades.
  • The dress may not show cleavage in the front.
  • Halter dresses and single-strap dresses may be worn provided they fulfill all other specifications.
    • Even a halter dress must have at least one strap attaching the halter to the top of the back of the dress to prevent the back from slipping down.
    • Straps must be an integral part of the original dress (and appear to be original) even if a post-purchase modification.
  • The dress must cover all undergarments and the midriff.
  • To ensure modesty,
    • A dress should cover every aspect of undergarments - including bra straps. Be mindful of undergarment color choice to ensure concealment.
    • A slip is needed when the dress is not lined or when the lining is so sheer as to reveal undergarments.
    • A dress should not be so snug as to reveal undergarment lines nor should it be too form-fitting.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. This is a state law. (We strongly suggest that this requirement govern your choice of shoes worn to an event; be sure you select something you can keep on for the duration, or bring an alternate pair of shoes to change into.)

Source: http://www.ancss.org/studentlife-dresscode-gs/