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Clothes to Take to Hospital for Baby

Clothes for Bringing Home Baby

What's in My Baby's Hospital Bag!

Let's Start with Mom. As you pack your hospital bag in preparation for the big day, here are some ideas on clothes you may want to bring for yourself. While you can always wear a hospital gown, we all know how ugly and uncomfortable they are. (Regardless of size, they always seem to show something they shouldn't.) Why not bring a few things from home to make your stay more comfortable?

A front closing robe is a good choice. You'll look put together and the front opening makes nursing easier. Choose a print that will make stains harder to see. A jersey or cotton fabric is a good choice. Satiny or silky fabrics get twisted about in bed and can be hot as they don't breathe well.

For pajamas, again, go with a cotton knit material. Pajama pants are better than a gown. Too short a gown and you'll show more than you'd like getting in and out of bed; too long and it will get all scrunched up as you move about in bed.

Select a cute pajama top to go with it, again, selecting the color and print with a mind to hiding spit up stains and leaks. Remember to get a front closure style to easily accommodate nursing. Maybe a nursing tank top would work if you tend to run warm.

Though you'll generate more laundry by bringing your own clothing to the hospital, you will feel so much more yourself that it will be worth it.

After delivery your feet may be a bit swollen, so be sure to pack comfortable footwear.

Suggestions range from your favorite slippers or flip-flops to fluffy socks and no shoes at all. Whatever your choice, be sure that it's slip-resistant. Again, bringing something from home is so much better than those hospital issued socks in hideous colors with the grip strips on the bottom that make you feel that you're walking across pencils.

If you've been having foot trouble you may want to bring a pair of shoes that offer some support. Many expectant moms end up walking the halls a lot during labor, and you don't want to worry about sore feet on top of everything else.

Personal Touches
Though the hospital has soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc., it's so much nicer to have your own things with you. The scents that you're familiar with and enjoy are comforting and homey in an un-homey environment.

By the ninth month many moms are feeling decidedly unattractive, and having your own toiletries and a little make up will help you feel more yourself for visitors and pictures. Don't forget your hair. It's the last thing you'll be thinking about in labor, and one of the first that will come to mind as you wait for visitors after the baby's arrived.

If your hair is long, plan on a simple ponytail held with a nice accessory. This is simple to do and will look nice without a lot of fuss. If you'll be lying back on a pillow, choose a soft hair tie rather than a barrette that will press into the back of your head when you rest.

Lastly, lip balm! Hospital air can be extremely dry and you'll be smiling and talking with your visitors. Have your lip balm handy so you don't have to resort to the hospital issued petroleum jelly.

Clothing Items for Baby
The list of clothes to bring to the hospital for baby is brief: a going-home outfit that you and your partner select ahead of time; a "beanie" as babies lose a lot of heat through their head; itty-bitty socks; newborn diapers; wipes; those little mittens that prevent them from scratching themselves. That's it!

Time to Go Home
First and foremost, you'll want a bra with good support for the trip home. If you have a nursing bra, that will be perfect. If you have the time and resources, buy a new outfit for the trip home. Something that was comfortable when you were about six months pregnant should work.

Don't go for a fitted waist band. You'll be discouraged and probably uncomfortable as well. You'll get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, but not today. Be gentle with yourself. For footwear, loose and comfortable are your fashion guidelines for this outfit. Your feet will probably still be swollen, and you don't want to cram your feet into too-small shoes. Again, it will take a while for the swelling to reduce.

Besides, for a time, most people you meet are going to be looking at your beautiful baby and won't even notice what you're wearing. So dress for comfort, and wear a smile!

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