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Clothes to Wear to Hide Pregnancy

Suggestions on Clothes to Wear to Keep Your Pregnancy a Secret
maternity clothing

If you're an expectant mother who isn't ready to announce your good news, you may be searching for some clothes to wear to hide pregnancy. This can be tricky as you want to avoid anything too constrictive during pregnancy, even if you're trying to keep it quiet. That growing baby needs room to get bigger and wearing something constrictive can interfere with its healthy growth. There are other tricks for hiding a pregnant belly and different clothes to wear to hide pregnancy that are flattering and feminine.

Black and dark colors are slimming so you'll work these into your wardrobe in order to hide your growing baby bump. One good trick women use to make their waist look smaller is to wear a light-colored blouse or dress with a black or dark color around the waist. The dark color and the contrast make the belly look smaller, so look for this trick in clothes to wear to hide pregnancy. You might try light dresses or a button-down shirt you don't tuck in, and wear a loose-fitting dark sash around the midsection.

Monochrome and vertical stripes are also very slimming and these too can be found in clothes to wear to hide pregnancy. Look for professional trousers with pinstripes or long dresses with small stripes. These patterns will make you look tall and thin and will play down your pregnant belly.

Layering is another good way to hide a growing belly, so you might try layering a long sweater over a tank top or wearing a long button-down shirt over a snug t-shirt underneath. If anyone notices that your belly seems a bit larger they may assume it's just the layering of the clothes. The layers also hide your growing figure.

Another good trick when it comes to clothes to wear to hide pregnancy is to tie a sweater or shirt around your waist to give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. The tied arms act like a belt to make the waistline seem slimmer and when they fall in front of the body, this also hides your belly.

Buy pants a size bigger than you normally wear. As your pants get tighter and tighter, the waistband will actually begin to push your baby bump out further. For non-pregnant women, this comes in the form of a muffin-top, but during pregnancy, it all gets pushed out right in front.

Avoid empire or dropped waists when choosing clothes to wear to hide pregnancy as these actually accentuate the stomach, and can even make thin women look like they're expecting! Choose pieces that cover your belly so you're not as noticeable as your pregnancy progresses.

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