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I just had surgery so i cant wear high heels or anything tight on my waist and belly. I'm going to a country music concert. Can I wear a long black summer dress with turquoise accessories?

I have seen black dresses worn at country concerts before, but depends on how it is worn. A dress would be your best bet as far as comfort, but for a country concert black isn't suggested. There are many combinations of colors that come to mind that would be a better look. If you have any summer dresses would be fine with brown or tan cowboy boots.

The best colors I have seen together would be a bright sun yellow spaghetti strap or sleeveless dress with dark brown boots, or an off white or tan summer dress with tan or brown boots would be perfect. Depending on where the concert is taking place, outdoors or indoors it may be hot. If you want to top off the dress with a jean jacket just to make sure you don't freeze if it is indoors.

Some places crank the air and it gets chilly, but summer country concerts are more than likely to be hot. Back to the dresses, when you think country, tan, brown, yellow, white come to mind. Your turquoise jewelry may be a great look to top it off, especially with the yellow. Hope this helps and have fun!