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How to Dress for a Casual Work Environment

Here is a quick guide to how to dress for a casual work environment
milton from office space

A casual work environment may be extremely desirable and might excite a lot of men and women but it doesn't imply that there are no rules. A casual work environment is still a workplace and one cannot wear anything and everything as one feels like. There are certain standards of decorum and professionalism that have to be adhered to.

For Men
Men can wear any type of trousers but they should be absolutely clean and ironed if the material can be ironed. Slacks, khakis, corduroy pants and jeans are acceptable. One should try and avoid cargo pants and shorts or three quarter pants are certainly not welcomed. 

Jeans that are too fancy or ripped and have certain weird designs or are too dark should be avoided. Low waist jeans are also not desirable. On top, men can put on t-shirts, ideally collared ones, casual shirts, button-down shirts, turtlenecks and blazers. Very short sleeved t-shirts or sleeveless shirts are not appropriate. On foot, casual shoes, tennis shoes and semiformal shoes are good enough.

For Women
Women can opt for anything that doesn't expose too much. Skirts, dress pants, capris, slacks or even light colored jeans are appropriate choices. Lounge wear, shorts and similar dresses are not ideal for a casual work environment. Button down shirts, shells, fitted jackets or blouses work well on top. Denim pants or jeans are good options. On foot, tennis shoes, casual and semiformal shoes are ideal. Flip-flops or very bland sandals and very high heels are not desirable footwear choices. Miniskirts, tube or tank tops, sleeveless t-shirts and any type of dress that sports a design or text that can be offensive are not acceptable.

Tips To Strike The Right Combo
There is no rule that rules out certain colors and makes some more preferably. If a color looks good on you and wouldn't be out of place at your workplace then it is good enough. Accessories such as scarves, ties, sweaters, cardigans or some jewelry are great choices for a casual work environment.

The two things that are essential for any dress at a casual work environment are neatness and decency. Dresses that do not offend anyone, ironed attire which looks spotlessly clean are the secrets to hit the right chords at your workplace.

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