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Dress codes, Uniforms and Responsibility

Is the dress code the problem? or is it the reasoning behind it?

With time, parents are getting more and more concerned about their children welfare, education, development and surrounding. There is no doubt why National School Safety and Security Services collect a large number of inquiries associated with issue of dress code, school uniforms, book bag control and how actively they help to improve the school's security and safety. Though we know and understand that there is no single strategy for improving the safety of school, we somehow believe that sensible amendments in school uniforms, book bag control and dress codes will help improve the school's climate and attitude towards students. Favorable school climate is one of the key factors that can lower the levels of security threats, thus elevating the school safety standards.

Dress codes and Uniforms
Responsibility of students and their overall development stands on the shoulders of school officials. They are responsible for providing a productive, safe and secure learning environment. Appearance and dress play small yet vita role in making it possible. Although, no one wants to violate the laws or support it, but with involvement of legal rights favorable changes can be brought. Proper implementation of dress and appearance strategies and policies fall within the realm of school officials, who can take reasonable actions to main positive school climate.

Uniforms and Dress codes can reduce the probability of potential for conflicts or issues by; Reducing differences of socio-economic status, especially conflicts that rise from personal attacks, taunts and comments to those who wear cheap clothing. Reducing the dress signs which gang members use to identify themselves or to set fear among students. Cutting the risk of being robbed, as students would not be allowed to bring or wear expensive jewelry, clothing, etc. Due to uniforms, school administrators will be able to identify trespassers, non-students, and other visitors easily.

Although these are some of the general observations, they are definitely helpful. In some cases, administration does not pay much attention at school uniforms; for example, "during survey, some students reported that there are many students, who wear expensive clothes, while others come in less expensive clothes. Even though the school has uniform policy, but administration does not take much interest in religiously implementing it, which is why status issues started emerging."

For sure, there must be many other ways by which gang members can identify each other apart from dress, so in this way uniforms is not helpful to eliminate the signs of identification in always. Still, one cannot blow the entire concept just to make a way of his/her own.

The input received by parents and student must be gathered at first end and implemented to build policies, those of especially school uniforms. Studies and researches show that the involvement of genuine input not just decreases the rate of non-compliance, but increases the active ownership of the program. Ironically, once these policies or programs are implemented, both students and staff seem pleased with uniforms. Parents are pleased, as the clothing is built on their ideas and are often less pricey than many other popular clothing. Implementation of uniform eliminates the hassle of dealing with "what to wear" problems.

One question may rise at this situation that is "Is right like freedom to expression violated by uniforms and dress codes?" But, does this question really hold any importance? It is quiet a weak argument. In fact, dress codes and uniforms and only up to school; students can dress according to their or their parents will in non-school hours and enjoy the freedom. Uniforms and dress codes are also a way to make them realize the reality of working or living in a community. It will help them to understand the reality of the adult world and professional lifestyle. They will understand that uniforms and dress codes is not just limited to school by religious followed throughout the world, right from government sectors to local retail stores.

Even after all this, we can question whether dress codes or uniforms can reduce the levels of school crime reductions or not. The answer will be, they do, but more towards improving the school's climate.

Enforcing the use of Transparent Book Bags
Are see through book bags useful or helpful in any way? Should traditional book bags be eliminated?

Personally, we don't have any opposition or issue if the school administration restricts book bags in classrooms and halls, but it is one of the sensible strategies to guarantee that no weapons will be enter the classroom or school. Despite of such a strategy/policy, students can still carry weapons without the knowledge of their parents or school administration. We must agree on this fact. However, transparent or see-through will certainly reduce the risk of carrying weapon openly all day around the school.

Besides, when students leave the book bags in their respective lockers, they reduce the risk of bumping on other students with heavy book bags, thus cutting the risk of getting involved in fights or conflicts. Many similar dynamics can be prevented from taking place, where student may use anything kept in the book bag, like any sharp object or weapon. Think once and you'll find your requirement balancing the legitimate needs. This will make them reduce the probability of conflict s, especially while walking through stairways and tight hallways. It will teach them how to plan their periods, as the ability to plan is the most vital need of the future. Through this, they will learn to survive and maintain balance between different worlds.

School administrators and busybody parents
So fascinated with teenage girls' boobs, butts and thighs? We're sick of adults imposing arbitrary moral standards on female students' attire for fear they'll "distract" their fellow classmates. Read more about girls dressing too sexy for school.

A New Jersey school prohibited girls from wearing strapless dresses to a dance; as a compromise, board members said they would allow single-strap gowns and clear spaghetti straps. Reason? Some parents said they were told that strapless dresses would be too "distracting" for boys.

A Cincinnati high school asked two girls to leave prom for being "inappropriately dressed." Reason? Appropriate dresses "can have no curvature of the breasts showing." Too bad for adolescent girls who've progressed beyond training bra status!

Sexist middle/high school dress codes hold girls responsible for having girly bodyparts. But what does a nonsexist dress code look like?