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What to Wear to the Beach or Pool Party

We love a good pool or beach party! Here are some ideas to inspire you

Pool Party at Shelborne Hotel in Miami Beach: I choose to wear a colorful swimwear and red pin-up sunglasses by Dior

Buying a new bathing suit to wear at the beach or pool can have you looking chic with ease. Giving off a effortless casual look without being sloppy should be your aim. It doesn't matter if you're poolside or spending a weekend at the beach, a great swim look always includes a cute sun hat, a large beach bag, sunglasses and the right suit.

Swimwear for the beach:
Keep in mind that the beach can be a pretty rough environment on most swimwear so expect a little extra wear and tear on your fashionable and expensive pieces. Double check that your delicate pieces are appropriate for saltwater activities and will stay in place in rough waves.

Dressing for a pool party:
Putting together a poolside outfit is a lot easier since you have fewer practical concerns to worry about. You can dress up and wear something with a bit more flair, more focus on form instead of function.

Be sure to have a cover-up at hand just in case you decide on going on to lunch or to a cafe. It's pretty common to wear a solid cover up but you shouldn't limit yourself to it.

If you ever wanted to dress your hair in braids, a bun or any other updos this would be the perfect time. You should avoid wearing any items that would have to be dry cleaned, heavy fabrics, closed toe shoes or leather bags.

Pool Club Dress Code? 
You read it right, Depending on the type of pool club you're going to you can expect a dress code similar to the following. Women have to wear a swimsuit with a sundress or wrap, bikinis or tankinis. Men should wear board shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops; undershirts, cut-off shorts and athletic wear like gym shorts, sneakers and sports jerseys are not to be worn.

Jenny and Ashley said it best with their song Beach Weekend 
We're goin to the beach this weekend // Me and some of my best girlfriends // Puttin on that suntan lotion // Hope to cause a little commotion // Lay around and just be lazy // Maybe drive a few boys crazy // Makin sure the fun never ends // We're goin the beach this weekend


Where to buy swimwear for the beach or pool party? 
The styles of womens' swimwear have change so much over the years. There was once a time when most swimwear for women covered the body completely. Fast forward to now and we see the opposite as the current trend. Less is more and little is left to the imagination. http://shop.messycloset.com/womens/swimwear/

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