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A Good Outfit to Wear to Bowling

Going bowling? Wear something comfy and fun!

An easy going casual outfit could be the secret to your next strike at the bowling alley. Dressing up for bowling isn't a necessity as you could wear something similar to how you would dress to do errands. This would be one of those moments when you can have a lot of fun with what you can wear. Pull out your favorite funny short sleeve t-shirt or a similar top that would be a conversation piece.

Since you will be on your feet and bending often a good pair of stretchy, loose fitting jeans or pants that don't hinder your movement can be worn. Machine-washable fabrics are also appropriate for this event; if you accidentally spill something on your clothing it's no big deal.

You should avoid wearing
Miniskirts, blazers, large bracelets or rings, low-rise pants or white pants. You can wear a dress but you should make sure that it stops just below your knees. You may have to carry a pair of socks with you if you decide to wear a dress bowling. Socks will have to be worn when you swap your shoes.

Going on a bowling date?
As mentioned before, keep it casual...wear nice jeans and a trendy blouse. Your hair can be styled up or down, your date won't mind if you're not the best at bowling. Have a good time and relax; going bowling is a great place for a first date. Here's why:

Unlike a formal dinner setting where you can feel compelled to fill every silence, going bowling gives you more chances to think of witty things to say. You can compliment your date on their awesome style. Or if their style totally sucks, tell them they look cute in their shoes. You can touch each other without being creepy. Give an awesome high five! It seems like a small thing, but getting the touch barrier out of the way will usually make you feel more relaxed.

Photos of what others have worn bowling wearing sleeveless shirt bowling wearing short sleeve shirt bowling bowling wearing long sleeve and 3/4 sleeve shirts

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