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What to Wear for Cinco De Mayo

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Mexican-Americans dress in typical Mexican attire as part of festivities with mariachi music, traditional food and drinks

cinco de mayo

Cinco De Mayo is a festival to celebrate the victory of the Mexican army over the French in 1862. It is a day for celebration and many people like to wear Mexican outfits or wear costumes on this day. Dressing for this day calls for bright colors especially the colors of the Mexican flag which are green, white and red.

When dressing for Cinco De Mayo celebrations, you could wear some traditional Mexican attire with your outfit. You could try a sombrero or maybe a twirly skirt or cowboy boots or even huaraches. Colorful warps and serapes are often worn along with embroidered shirts and ponchos. Little girls can be dressed in red and green ruffled dresses with wide skirts.

Of course dressing up for Cinco De Mayo also means that you can dress up in a costume to portray one of Mexico's favorite historical figures. You could dress up to be Emiliano Zapata or Frida Kahlo or Benito Juarez or even Pancho Villa. All it takes to be Pancho Villa is a large black mustache, a large sombrero with a dark shirt with bandoliers and a white pair of pants.

mariachi musiciansYou could also dress up as a Mariachi musician if you wanted to. All it takes dress like one is a tucked in white shirt, black pants and a large sombrero. The other props for this costume is a folded stripped serape over a shoulder and an accordion or guitar in your hands.

If you do not feel like going all out dressing up for Cinco De Mayo, you could always choose something that is simple but classic. You could wear a bright and flowing long or full skirt that comes up to the ankles along with maybe a breezy white blouse that can be worn off your shoulders. Of course you will need to pull your hair back neatly and tie it with bright colored ribbons.

For men and boys you can always choose a classic outfit of a white shirt, loose fitting pants with a serape over the shoulders and huaraches on the feet. A large sombrero goes with this outfit. You can also dress up in western clothing with a large belt buckle and broken in jeans and a shirt with snap on buttons.

It is not difficult to dress up for the Cinco De Mayo celebration. If you have trouble finding the appropriate outfit, you could always go online. There are many online stores that cater to traditional Mexican clothing and best of all if you shop online you can choose from a wide variety of clothing right from your home.

Cinco de Mayo Parade

Where can you find Cinco de Mayo parades and fiestas?
New York City will have a Cinco de Mayo Parade at Central Park West 96th to 106th at 1pm EST to 4pm EST. Expect a maravilloso celebration of music, dance and Mexican culture. Famous celebrities, sports figures and mariachis will be in attendance. This will be a very large media covered event.

Get directions to central park via subway:

San Diego, CA will have a three day festival for Cinco de Mayo for their 30th Annual Old Town Fiesta, it's the largest celebration north of the border with entertainment and festivities for the whole family to enjoy. Don't miss out on this chance to experience a taste of Mexican culture. The event will be hosted on Friday: May 3rd from 3pm PST to 10pm PST, Saturday: May 4th 11am to 10pm and Sunday: May 5th 11am to 5pm.

Where will it be hosted?

At the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park (between San Diego Ave & Congress St) 4002 Wallace St San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 220-5422

Dallas, TX has a Cinco de Mayo Big Parade (23rd annual dallas) held in the historic district of Oak Cliff. By far the largest for North Texas with over twenty thousand participants. The parade starts at 10am CST on May 4th (1 day Before Cinco de Mayo) on Cumberland Street and East Jefferson Blvd. This festival is free of charge and will be fun for the entire family. The parade doesn't end until 2pm CST with the Festival continuing until 8pm CST.

23rd annual dallas cinco de mayo parade route

If you don't see your town listed, you should definitely check with your local Mexican restaurants as they will have specials in honor of the event.

What's a Cinco de Mayo parade like?

Take a look at this video on YouTube of a previous Cinco de Mayo Parade

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