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What to Wear to a Country Concert

Cowboy hats, jeans, and cowboy boots are common at country concerts

Wearing denim is always a safe bet
If you are going to a country concert, you can let the weather dictate the length of your jeans. In the summer daisy duke cutoffs are a big hit and during the winter blue skinnies. Wearing denim mini skirts is another all time favorite but if you plan on climbing in and out of the pickup bed it could pose a problem.

Plaid, plaid and more Plaid!:
Wearing a plaid shirt is always a plus at a country concert. If it's winter you can wear a long sleeved flannel and during the summer you can wear it open in the front with a white solid tank top. Rolling up the sleeves of the shirt up to your elbows can also better the look.

If you're really in the mood, picking up a cowboy hat is a great way to accessorize your outfit. These hats can be bought outside most concerts for a few dollars if you don't already own one. Another option to the cowboy hat would be a baseball hat

One more thing...wearing clothing with the performing band's name on it is not a requirement.

Wear boots:
To complete your country concert outfit you must pickup a great pair of cowboy boots. It's very important that the boots be brown so don't try and substitute this with an old pair of black boots you may have in your closet.

Check out the feedback from others on what you should wear

Wear light layers. Jeans, of course, then maybe a white undershirt and/or thin long sleeve shirt with a button down over that. That way, you can take off what you need to, and still look the part, but be warm outside. French braided pigtails are very country. Of course, you can't go wrong with a cute stetson. Have a great time at the concert! :)

Well, it all depends on if it is a dressy event or just casual. Most country events like at a concert, you can wear a dressy top and some jeans. Tan or brown gives more the country look, but any is fine. Tan or brown heels or boots would look great with it. If you happen to have a cowboy hat to top it off great! Don't go too heavy on jewelry, not really needed.

If you are just going to a casual place like a bar, jeans and a t-shirt and some boots or tennis shoes are fine. Relax, be comfy, have a drink and just enjoy the music!

The best thing you could wear would be a sleeveless tank, worn out jeans, tennis shoes and a cowboy hat.

Blue jeans flannel white tank top but tie the flannel in front to make a bow. then a cow boy hat and cow boy boots. and wear your hair in braids.

A cute pair of wranglers and some boots with a halter top
or Tank whichever and maybe even a western hat.

Whatever you are comfortable in. There will be a lot of people there so you won't want to take too much with you. Wear a pair of jeans, a cute tank top, and some comfy shoes. You will fit in. I would avoid a cowboy hat because fans tend to get wild and it would get knocked off your head quick.

The beauty of country music is that it reflects what the real people in the world wear! Comfy clothes, jeans, shorts, tanks and t shirts! Wear your flip flops or boots!

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