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Clothes to Wear in a Courtroom

Dress accordingly for your courtroom proceedings
courtroom attire

If you're scheduled to appear in court for any kind of crime or testimony, it is important that you dress well and present yourself in a good manner to both your judge and jury. Most attorneys recommend that their clients dress nicely, (business casual or business professional clothing), but some people still go dressed as if it were just an everyday part of life. When a jury looks at you in order to make a decision, they take a look at everything, including the way you dress. They will notice everything from your clothes, to how old or new your shoes are. Make sure you are conveying the right impression when you go up there and say what you need to say. Here are some good tips to make sure you are making a good impression to your jury. For women wearing a skirt suit is a great outfit to wear to the courtroom.

Make sure you are portraying a good image. You want to look like a law abiding citizen first and foremost, so dressing conservatively and professionally is essential.

You want to show that you at least have a steady job or know how to dress in a way that will help more than hurt your case. Example, if you are going in for case of child neglect, you certainly don't want to go dressed sloppily. You want to look conservative yet confident.

Don't dress to extreme or too opinionated. Your love for the Yankees, or your hatred toward a band or person should not be shown in the court room.

Don't wear a hat or a baseball cap; no matter how cool looking or comfortable it makes you feel. Keep away from revealing or loose fitting clothing. Judges don't want to see anything more than what needs to be seen. There is no need to show extra body parts or under garments. Don't wear clothing that may contain messages. You never know if a message on your shirt might offend a judge, so play it safe and keep the sayings and messages out of the court room. Finally, don't wear expensive clothing. Even if you are a millionaire, you don't want to show off to your peers that you have lots of money. Stick to subdued clothing that isn't too flashy or expensive.

Make sure to take care of your hair and face as well. You want to make sure that you look presentable in all aspects, not just your clothing, so making sure you have a nice hairdo and either neutral or little makeup is important. If you have tattoos or anything like that, considering having them removed or covered, also, if you're a guy and have long hair, make sure you comb it or keep it up in a ponytail so it doesn't look messy or unkempt. Get a manicure, especially if you bite your nails. Most people associate nail biting with nervousness, so one could assume you're nervous about being caught doing something or being guilty of a crime. Don't bite your nails and take care of bitten nails before hand by getting a manicure.

Make sure your shoes and accessories are minimum and sensible. No matter how attached to something you might be, or how good it might make you look, if it's too expensive, don't wear it. Shoes that are too expensive can put you in a negative light, but so can shoes that are all scuffed up and not taken care of. If you don't have a decent or good quality pair of shoes that isn't expensive, buy a new pair that is both of good quality, and also one that most people could afford. When it comes to jewelry, for women, wear very little jewelry. A ring or wedding ring, small earrings, and a watch is sufficient. For men, only a watch and wedding ring if you have one should be worn.

In conclusion, dress to impress however, make sure you are comfortable with what you wear. You want to show the judge and jury that you are a good person, and can also present yourself well. By following these tips, you will have a much smoother time in the court room.

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