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Dressing for a Business Dinner

As a woman deciding what to wear for a business dinner can be more complicated than you think. For the simple reason that what should wear depends a great deal on the occasion, where the dinner is held and even when it is held.

Business dinners that are last minute and occur shortly after work really doesn't require much of a decision about what to wear. Since you will be attending straight from the office your office suit or dress is what will be expected. You simply need to freshen your make up and you are good to go.

Business dinners that are part of a weekend conference or are planned to entertain out of town clients are more formal affairs and so you need to put a little more thought into what to wear. You want to choose something that is suitable for the occasion, shows you are woman, but, also sends the message that you are there to do business not to have a social evening or too party.

This means that you don't want to show too much skin or wear have your hemline to short. You are also going to want to keep make up and jewelry to a minimum.

If the dinner party is being held somewhere like the chamber of commerce then a pant suit or a dressy business suit will be the perfect attire. However, if you will dining in a high class restaurant then your attire should be befitting of the establishments standard of dress.

This may mean a more elegant silk suit for summer wedding, or a classic style dress. For winter you may want to choose something in an elegant styled wool.

You are also going to want to choose colors that are suitable to you but, also ones that are business like. Black and navy blue are always business like and you can add a colorful scarf to add a little flair. Of course there is nothing wrong with wearing more colorful outfits but try to stay with plain colors or small prints rather that large designs and party type styles.

If the business dinner calls for the wearing of formal attire. Try to find a gown with a sedate neckline and long or 3/4 length sleeves. Again you want to avoid bright golds and patterns that make it look like you are there to party and stick with plain colors that are a bit more sedate.

While this advice may seem a bit old fashioned the fact is that women are judged a great deal on the way that they are dressed. At a business dinner you want to your look to say "I'm intelligent, I'm capable, I'm professional and I'm ready to close the deal." By dressing in this manner you will earn the respect of the clients, your co-workers, and your boss.

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