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What to Wear in Hot Humid Weather

The best fabrics for tropical climates
it's hot outside

Best Fabrics For Tropical Climates:
Most people dream of vacationing or retiring to some tropical island where it is always warm and sunshine abounds. However, while the idea of warm sunny climate may sound great, unless you are use to such climates the heat and humidity can leave you feeling hot, damp and more than a little uncomfortable.

    Quick Tips
  • Stay hydrated. Be sure to drink lots of liquids, especially water.
  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing.
  • Cover up as much skin as possible to avoid sunburn.

Wearing the right clothing and fabrics while in the tropics can leave you feeling more energetic and comfortable. Here are some tips on the right fabrics to wear to help you stay cool even on the hottest most humid of days.

Leave the Polyester at Home
While polyester fabrics may be practically wrinkle free, and so seem ideal for tropical climates, the truth is that synthetic materials tend to hold in both moisture and heat leaving you feeling damp and incredibly hot. There really is nothing worse, that materials that hold moisture close to the body as they leaving you feeling completely uncomfortable no matter what you are doing.

Choose Lightweight Cotton and Linen
Lightweight cotton and linen fabrics allow good air flow and absorb the liquid from your body as you sweat helping to cool your skin and making you more comfortable.

Lightweight cotton fabrics as well as linen dry quickly so that you are not walking around in damp clothing. Both are also easy to wash and dry which means you can keep your clothes clean and smelling good.

However, you need to keep in mind, that linen wrinkles quite easily and if not dried immediately may have a tendency to mildew in tropical conditions when the humidity is especially high.

Rayon for Limited Use
While rayon is a semi synthetic fabric it has properties closer to cotton and linen than polyester. It can be comfortable in tropical climates, but it does have limited durability and it needs to dry cleaned rather than washed in washer, which can make it hassle to wear on all but limited occasions.

When it's too Hot Outside
Wearing short sleeve shirts may work on an average weather day but when it gets really hot and humid and you're just going to be walking around your house it's best to wear a sleeveless t-shirt or a bikini top.

Dress for Coolness
 Just as important as the types of fabrics you wear in tropical climates is the style of clothing you choose. Loose fitting clothing allows more air flow and is far more comfortable than tight fitting garments when in the tropics. Loose fitting pants with wide legs, should be worn in place of skinny leg pants and more fitted styles. Flowing sundresses, wide hats, and loose fitted shirts all will help to keep you cool. Remember that any clothing that fits close to the body is going to hold moisture in and you need for that moisture to evaporate.

By choosing the right fabrics and styles of clothing for the tropics you can stay cool and calm even in the heat of the day.

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