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Enjoy Winter Weather with the Right Clothing

Learn to layer clothing to stay warm and dry during cold weather
climate change winter cold weather

Are you one of those people who hunkers indoors from the first snowfall until after the spring melt because you can't stand being out in the cold? To you miss out on all that fun ice skating, skiing, and sledding with the rest of your family or friends? If you are one of those people who shiver the moment you step out of doors on a cold day, then chances are the problem is that you are not wearing the right clothing to keep the chill the chill away. Hear are some tips that will allow you to choose the right clothing so you too can enjoy time out door even in cold weather.

dress for winter in style3 Is Your Lucky Number
Think of the number 3 as being your lucky number when it comes to dressing warm, 3 layers that is. That's right if you want to stay warm and dry when you are outside then you need to dress in three layers of clothing. Not just any three layers, but the right three layers in the right sequence.

Layer One-Close To The Skin
One of the reasons why You get so cold when you are outside in colder weather is because you bundle up warm in an effort to stay warm. After awhile you begin to sweat and when that happens you become chilled. In order to avoid this from happening, the layer next to your skin should be made of material that wicks the dampness away from your body.

This layer should fit close enough to your skin to be able to wick away the moisture, but not so tight it feels like a second skin. By wearing clothing that wicks the moisture away the moment your skin begins to get damp you won't chill from your own body's moisture.

Layer Two-Holding The Warmth In
The second layer of clothing should be used for insulating the body from the cold. This means choosing materials that are designed to keep you warm and wearing them loosely enough that there is a thin layer of air between your wicking layer and your second layer. That thin layer of air trapped between the two layers will actually serve as insulation and keep you warm.

Layer Three-Keeping The Wet Away
The third layer of clothing should be made of materials that are water proof. Just as you don't want sweat chilling your body, you don't want the moisture from the snow soaking through your outer layer of clothing and chilling you. This layer should not be so bulky you can't move, But it should definitely be made of material that is going to keep the dampness away.

keeping warm in winter

Head, Hands, And Feet
Now that you have the right clothing to keep the main part of your body warm and toasty you need to turn your attention to your head, hands, and feet. Part of the reason why people get so cold when outside during the winter is because they loose most of their body heat through the top of their head. So make sure that you choose to wear a cap or a hat that is going to help cut down on the amount of body heat you lose.

Wearing glasses or goggles when out in the winter weather can protect your eyes from the glare of the sun and it's reflection on the snow, and help to keep you a bit warm as well.

Wear thin to medium thin socks on your feet and make sure that the boots you choose are waterproof. You also want to make sure that you wear gloves to protect your hands. Make sure that there is a tiny bit of excess glove at your fingertips to trap in air and insulated your fingers.

If you spend a small bit of time learning which materials are best for each layer of clothing you will soon find yourself loving winter in the out of doors because you will be warm and snug whatever you happen to be doing.

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