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What to Wear on Valentines Day

Valentine's Day presents an opportunity to wear your best pinks, reds and blacks. These are not your average date night outfits. February 14th is Special

happy vday, red dressDressing For Valentines Day
Why not make Valentines Day special this year by dressing for the occasion? Whether you are simply planning a fun activity with friends, an outing with your family, or having a date with that special someone in your life, dressing for Valentines day can add fun, interest, or romance to whatever you plan.

Don't Have Everyone Seeing Red
The first rule for successful dressing for Valentines day is to avoid having everyone seeing red. Red isn't a color that can be worn in full force by everyone so save the color for accents rather than make it the main part of your outfit. And whatever you do don't match red and green for Valentines day you don't want to end up looking like a Christmas tree!

Casual Activities
There is nothing worse than being over dressed for those casual activities especially if you are just going on an outing with friends. If the activities planned for the day are casual then take care not to over due. For picnics, movies, or an afternoon of bowling with friends. Women may want to choose a pair of jeans or casual dress pants and team them with a nice colorful or sweater or shirt. Men look great in jeans or cargo style pants topped with a sweater or a nice looking shirt.

If you are having a casual lunch with friends then dressing up a bit more is perfectly acceptable. Though here too you don't want to over due. Men could top off that sweater or shirt with a nice casual blazer or jacket. Women can certainly feel free to wear a dress or a skirt with heels, but, keep it more fun and casual rather than dressy. Save the wow factor for that evening out.

The Romantic Date 
If you and the love of your life are planning a romantic date for Valentines at a nice restaurant or club then feel free to dress up in high style for the evening. Try dressing up that little black dress with a sparkling red belt and matching earrings, or even a cute little white shawl or scarf with little pink and red hearts. Men who want to impress their mate should try to add a bit of color and fun to their outfit as well. Why not add a red handkerchief to the breast pocket of that shirt, or opt for a pair of fun red suspenders. Your date will be impressed that you may the effort and got out of those jeans and sweats!

valentines day date dinner

Romantic Bedroom Wear 
Valentine's Day is not a day to go to bed with your partner in those ratty pyjamas or that long flannel night gown. Make the effort to choose something a little more romantic to end the night with. You don't have to go overboard with a lace teddy or silk pyjamas, but at least wear something that is a bit attractive such as a nightgown with a bit of feminine lace or a really cute pair of boxers. sleepwear Valentine's Day

While clothes may not make the man or women, taking the time to dress a little different can make your Valentine's day a little more fun and festive.

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