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Finding the Perfect Birthday Outfit

Is your birthday coming up and you don't have a clue what to wear? Make your birthday special by dressing up in style for your birthday party. Here are some tips...

Crystal Maywald's birthday hairstyle.Today's fashion world is a Merritt of colors, style, and person fashion sense. So how do you find the right birthday outfit for your daughter, mother, or even your wife? Well first we need to figure out what outfit is right for our loved one or friend. Determining what type of clothing looks, feels, and is loved best is harder than it sounds. But it is all about observation.

Checking out a few things can save you a boat load of time. First you'll want to determine not only what colors they like but what colors their skin tone looks best in. Below are the top 3 ways to find the perfect birthday outfit.

Determine Color:
This step is important, most women have a favorite color they enjoy wearing. Finding out what color they enjoy will add to the excitement of the outfit. Think back on what they may have in there closet. If you have access to their closet, then look! This will help you determine the colors they wear the most. Write down the first 5 colors that come up. Then place them in order by what colors are worn the most. This will help you determine the best one to go with.

Determine Style:
This step will involve you determining which style of clothing is best for them. Think about what you see them in. Is it conservative, loud, a little risky, do they show skin or cover up? These are important things to know before deciding on an outfit for an important occasion like a birthday.

Crystal Maywald wearing white birthday dress.

Determine Weather:
In this situation it is best to have a couple of outfits in mind, because you never know if the weather will change. Think about if they are going to outdoors or indoors for their celebration. This may help you decide between something with or without a jacket, or scarf.

In this step you also have to keep in mind what they will be doing on this occasion. Are they going to be active or just having dinner. The more information you have will help you make a better decision when it comes to clothes. Women must be comfortable, stylish, and flexible when it comes to clothing at all time. The perfect birthday outfit will have all these things in one.

Remembering all these things may seem hard but they are important to that special someone, and if you get it all right it will be well worth the trouble. Knowing the person you are shopping for and what they like will make it a bit easier for you.

Thinking of color, style, and comfort will get the job done every time. Sometimes knowing where you are going will get you even further in the eyes of women. And watching the weather channel from time to time can save you money, embarrassment, and disappointment from the person on the receiving end. So if your ready to make those choices, take your time and choose wisely. So you can all have a great day!

Crystal Maywald's Birthday Photo

Dressing for your birthday party:
No matter how big or small the celebration may be, every girl wants to look amazing on her birthday. Why not wear a sexy dress?

It may sound silly to some but what you wear on your birthday could be one of the most important outfits you wear. Not knowing what to wear on your birthday or dressing wrong could bring some women to tears. Just remember that no one wants to see you sad on your special day, so try to enjoy the process of creating a festive, fabulous outfit.

You'll probably end up taking so many pictures on your birthday, so you want to make sure that you're camera ready. Take the time to style your hair and apply your makeup accordingly. It's a big night and you don't want any bad surprises.

Avoid wearing
casual t-shirts, office or work clothing (it's your birthday, not a corporate meeting).

It's your night, so put together the perfect ensemble of your favorite essentials with a new knockout piece. Your birthday suit should feel more special than what you would wear on a girl's night out but still have a trendy outrageous spirit. No matter what you end up wearing on your birthday it should let your personality shine and you should feel confident wearing it.

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