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Wearing Clothes from Goodwill?

good will store

Should I be embarrased to wear goodwill clothes?
Well someone stole about all of my clothes so now, I only have the clothes that were at my grandmas house so I basically need to start my whole closet up again. I have 700$ which isn't enough to get a whole new closet. So I was thinking about goodwill cause I heard they have some quality clothes but. Should I be proud to wear goodwill clothes because if you think about I'm still growing so they'll only fit for about a year and then they'll just go right back to goodwill. I'm 14 by the way so style matters.

"You can have more style by shopping at Goodwill than anyone your age can have shopping at Hollister. You just have to take your time and be creative and you can easily pull it off. Look at it this way, you're recycling, and you are helping people in need get services from Goodwill's charitable works."

"Not at all! You can pick up some really good finds at charity, thrift & donation shops. And the prices are bargainous for the quality you are getting. Because you are able to pick up lots of one of a kind or rare items for low prices, you can edit them and play around with them to create your own unique style. Some of the most stylish people I've seen (both in the street and in magazines) pick up clothing from charity shops - its nothing to be embarrased about. And its a good cause. Believe me, you can get an amazing wardrobe for $700."

"actually $700 is enough. just shop smartly. if you catch good sales, you can buy clothing for the same price as goodwill. at l'patricia you can get 6 shirts for $20. at wetseal they have the buy 1 get 1 for a penny clearance. charlotte russe has buy 1 get 1 50% off clearance. all the clothes are really cute too. but if you find stuff you like at goodwill, no there's no reason to be embarrassed."

"You will soon realize that you can buy more brand new clothes for less money than going to goodwill. Goodwill's expensive, you're wasting your money. And the clothes are used. Be embarrassed, someone peed in the clothes you're wearing now."

"No I don't think so :) If you're a hipster, that's a double bonus. Just get stuff that doesn't look too shabby and who cares? It's cheaper :D"

Should one wash clothing donated to organizations like Goodwill & Salvation Army?
I was wondering if "they" re-wash the clothing that is donated even after we wash them before donating. Anyone know?

"i actually dont think they do. I know at the goodwill where i drop off clothing, i need to wash it first because i see them take the bag and just place tags on everything for resale tomorrow."

"It would be nice to wash them before taking them to the goodwill store..and no they don't wash them, they just hang them up and they don't always hang them ALL up, some times they throw them away if they are not good enough....I have been there enough times to know that they don't wash them..they don't have the facility to wash them..=)"

"I think regardless of if they wash it or not, since you are donating it then it should be in good quality and that includes being clean.Well that is a principle that is highly valued I guess."

"no, they do not rewash the clothes. They request that you donate clean, gently used, & mended clothing to them. They throw out any clothes that don't meet those requirements. (at least the ones in my area do)"

"They request clothing be clean and presentable when donated, but not everyone complies. You're best off cleaning what you get."

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