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What to Wear for Graduation Day

Your graduation ceremony, what you should wear under that large shapeless robe

graduation day

How to Look Best On Your Graduation Day
Finally graduating from college is a great relief for parents and the students themselves. But perhaps, the final source of stress is your outfit during that most important day. This is usually a concern of the girls since men are generally easier to dress up. If you are one of the ladies who are still undecided or unprepared, the following tips and guidelines should be of help.

You should look your best
Because it's a very special and once-in-a-lifetime experience, you have to look best and be gorgeous on your graduation day. So, if you are used to wearing a casual getup or forgetting to take a shower because you're going to be late, things must change starting on that day. You must plan ahead, choose the best dress, perform all the possible beauty regimens, provide extra attention to your hair and makeup, etc. You'll need to look best physically and of course on all your photos.

Choose an appropriate dress you will wear under your robe
Although a large part of that dress will be hidden from sight because of your robe, there are still reasons why your dress is an important thing to plan about.

new grads

You might be in a situation where all the parties and engagements won't provide enough time for you to change. Hence, a dress or gown you can wear on the entire afternoon or day is a must.

You will also need a dress featuring one or two pockets to carry a couple of important items like money, keys, or a small makeup retouching kit. Carrying a purse or bag during this very hectic day is impractical.

  • The dress should not be bulky since the robe will already bring that needed fluff or volume.
  • And that you also need to consider the weather to ensure utmost comfort. You might want to consider the lighter and breathable dresses if it's a hot and sunny day or perhaps add up some comforting layers if it's freezing winter time.

Your shoes are also important
Among all the items you wear, your shoes will be the most visible. The most ideal pairs are those classified in between the casual and formal footwear like the wedges. The elegant high heels and stilettos or the casual slippers and sandals are somewhat inappropriate. Additionally, you have to break in that pair first to prevent discomforts or accidents on your big day. Lastly, you also have to prepare your toes and toenails when wearing open shoes.

Wear a beautiful and classy makeup
Are you the kind of girl who is not fond of wearing a makeup? Then you should mark your graduation day as an exception. If you are already beautiful without it, you'll be drop-dead gorgeous when you eventually wear the correct tones and shades of face makeup. On the other hand; if you do your makeup on your own, now is the time to seek expert advice.

Don't forget to enjoy and have fun
It's a formal and serene occasion but you could still express that fun or naughty side. You can wear extra accessories, perform minor tweaks to your graduation outfit, or even do extra things during the program or on the stage. Just ensure that you're not breaking the rules.

Dressed for graduation dinner

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