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What to Wear to an Indoor Concert

Concerts happen all year round, in many different cities and countries. With so many musical events taking place...what should you wear when you go?

At an anything goes environment like a concert, this is a great opportunity to take a style risk and experiment. Remember you'll be spending this occasion with friends and people just looking to have a good time. As long as your outfit is movement friendly and lightweight with layers you're good to go.

As always, there are just those obvious things to keep in mind: do wear something that allows you to move freely so you can dance, that alone eliminates a lot of constricting pieces you might have thought about wearing. The next thing to keep in mind is the temperature, it may be too hot or cold at the venue so make sure your outfit is versatile enough to work for both conditions.

Wearing light clothing can help prevent sweating too much while at the concert. It may get very humid if the venue doesn't have a proper air flow system. Don't let this stop you from having a good time though, sweating is a natural process and is normal. Apply a good antiperspirant before you go.

Don't forget about your feet: You never know if you may have to walk a mile for parking or if you'll end up dancing nonstop for hours.

Make sure that the shoes you choose are comfortable, broken in and provide the comfort you'll need to survive dancing. Wearing a cute satchel strapped across your body can not only accessorize your outfit's look but can work as storage for some supplies and/or walking shoes.

Avoid putting together outfits with no pockets, you will need it to hold at minimum your ID and ticket/stub. Wearing flip flops or any other footwear that is open toe is not recommended, expect other dancing concert goers to accidentally step on your toes. If you decide on wearing a large hat you may ruin the concert for someone behind you that can't see...this usually leads to conflict, avoid it. If you like to stand near the stage ear plugs might be a smart investment.

If you're very familiar with the artist you are going to see perform live, then you must also be aware of the following they bring. Don't show up to a Metallica concert wearing a cocktail dress; it's just not right. Do yourself a favor and go-to the band's website, you will usually find a gallery section where you can see how their fans dress. After you get the gist of it you can play it by ear and make comfort your first concern.

For those going to an outdoor concert: read this.

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