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Clothes to Wear at a Club

What Should You Wear to a Nightclub?
dressed for the nightclub

While a nightclub doesn't generally have a specific dress code for people to follow, many people seem to all follow certain rules when going to clubs. Sometimes the expectations can differ a bit, depending on the club theme or types of people that go, but there are some rules that are a must, no matter what nightclub you choose to attend.

Women dress to attract
Ladies generally choose to attract and get people's attention. Miniskirts and cute tops are a pretty regular occurrence, while accessories are also a way women choose to get attention. The clothing should be comfortable for dancing however, be careful for unwanted revelations if your fabric is too thin. Miniskirts and silk blouses are generally the norm for just about any nightclub, but some more upscale ones prefer pants and even dresses. In either case, it is generally unacceptable to wear jeans or t-shirts. Western themed clubs might make an exception to the jeans and t-shirt rule however.

Men dress to impress
Just as the ladies dress to attract, men also dress to take somebody home. For this reason, most gentlemen will employ the use of flashy or dressy clothing to catch the attention of a female partner. If you are going to wear a button-up shirt however, make sure you can differentiate button-ups made more for nightclubs and for office environments.

Club shirts generally are flashier and a lot of times can be designed to reflect the lights from clubs and typically come in different colors than professional environments. Jeans and t-shirts for men should also be avoided unless you are in a country club. Even in western nightclubs, you can see men in jeans and boots but still using button-ups.

Respect the rules
Clubs often encourage everyone to bring their own personal style however; some clubs have a stricter dress code or rules that they keep in place. Always respect these rules, and make sure to verify the kinds of clothes you need to wear for the club in question. The biggest thing to remember is ladies dress to attract, and men dress to impress. Do this and follow the club's dress codes or rules if they have any and you will be well on your way to looking great in a club.

How to Get Into a Nightclub
"Pick out something to wear, I know this sounds ridiculous but I promise this step is key. You will need to wear something you find to be flattering,especially something people have given you compliments on in the past. - This will hopefully give you more confidence."

"Find a group of friends to go with. If you are surrounded by people that make you happy and confident, it will show. People want to be around happy people."

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