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What to Wear to an Outdoor Concert

Fashion Essentials for Outdoor Music Festivals


What will you wear for that upcoming music festivals or concert that is being held outdoors? They take place around the world and during every season of the year. Dressing for the weather is a must.

Your outfit should be as useful as it is fashionable. Don't forget that the weather during the day is different than in the evening, so you plan accordingly for that as well. Yes, you can look fabulous and stay safe from the elements.

The rainy day diva

If the weather is wet then you definitely want to check out the very fashionable rain gear at some of the more trendy shopping destinations. Today there are many high quality synthetic materials used to make attractive, dry and fashionable clothes for outdoor events. Mephisto offers gorgeous waterproof Grizel Gortex boots for instance. Besides being dry you want to be comfortable as well a stunning. You could add to your ensemble a beautiful comfy top and a pair of skinny jeans or shorts. Be aware that they could get stained by the environment, so choose wisely.

Sunny with a chance of gorgeous

Get out your SPF 30, shorts, hemline dresses and your favorite sandals. When the weather is warm, you can wear amazing spring and summer dresses. Sandals or casual footwear will be the best options for footwear as you will be walking long distances on uneven terrain with a lot of competition for foot space when the crowds gather to listen and dance. Play it safe. Comfy and low is the way to go.

Cold doesn't have mean stay home

You can pair a gorgeous sweater with skinny jeans and add pair of knee high boots. They will not only keep you warm but they may warm some hearts as well. Warm means comfort but it doesn't have to make you look like a polar bear. Many designers are using space age materials to make fashion functional and pretty. But keep in mind that expensive clothing may not be the best idea. The outdoors can turn a great outfit into unfit to wear.

For those going to an indoor concert: read this.

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