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Clothes to Wear around the House

Around the House Attire - Be Smart!

The stay at home mom, the teenager on summer vacation, a businessman on his day off - what do you wear around the house? Your at-home outfit can actually have an impact on your emotions and your relaxation level. Whether you want to believe it or not, staying in your pajamas all day does not promote relaxation and tranquility at home. Keep these tips in mind when getting dressed in the morning.

No matter what, the first thing to keep in mind is comfort. Wearing that clubbing dress and a pair of heels all day is not going to make you feel good, no matter how pretty it is. At the end of the day, you'll feel stressed, your feet will probably hurt, and you're sure to have wrinkled that dress. The best thing to wear, especially if you're cleaning around the home or in need of running a few errands, is a comfortable pair of yoga pants or stretchy leggings and a t-shirt. This way, you can move around the house, feel comfortable while lounging, and still look put-together enough to run to the grocery store if necessary.

Jeans are another great alternative. While they're nowhere near as flexible as your favorite pair of sweatpants, a good-fitting pair of jeans should give you room to move, and still keep you comfortable while relaxing. Furthermore, they're great for any last-minute plans thrown at you. Wear a comfy t-shirt throughout the day, but change into a nicer top to go out. Since you're already half-way dressed, you will feel considerably less stressed if that really hot guy calls you for a dinner date, or if the guys ring you up for a night at the bar.

What you wear on your feet can totally change how you feel by the end of the day. Some people prefer not to wear shoes in their home. While it's perfectly fine to run around in your socks, it's better to give your soles a little support. Throw on your most worn-in and comfortable pair of sneakers. Slip into a pair of flats. Heels are definitely a no-no for around the house wear. Besides the aching in your poor feet, there's a chance of scuffing the hardwood. Flip-flops are even worse. Anyone who walks a mile in these horrible contraptions will tell you they're the worst things invented in the field of footwear. You're much better off going barefoot.

Despite all these great selections, always remember one thing when getting dressed for your day off: think comfortable and relaxed. Whatever you decide, make sure it makes you feel good, and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized for the next day, especially if you're back to work/school. There are many good options for clothes to wear around the house.

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