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What to Wear to a Book Reading

Fiction or non-fiction, paperback or hardcover, you'll read a new book every month

Whether you're a first-time author that's been honored with reading in front of a crowd, or a literary fan who just came in to hear your favorite novelist, you'd always want to appear attractive to the other people present in the room. During a book reading, you know that everyone's eyes are on you as you pronounce each word carefully off the page. There can be no mistaking that the attention is on the contents of a book, of course, but you do not want to look like a grandmother or a grandfather while you recite off of your own creation.

Typically the outfit to don during a book reading should be in accordance with the book that is being celebrated. If it is a fictitious account or a fantasy novel, a more casual flair should be the goal. For nonfiction and serious stories, it is better that you come in more formal clothing.

In the latter, men should wear clean long-sleeved shirts and dark-colored shoes and pants. A blazer is optional and should match the entire outfit. If you are originally from the business world, a suit can also be worn to impress the more mature audience. For more entertaining reads, pastel-colored shirts are acceptable, paired with brown slacks and leather shoes.

Women should wear clothing that stresses their femininity --- not exactly through low-cut blouses and miniskirts, but through delicately cut blouses and knee-length, light skirts. Dresses are generally not recommended. Again, a feminine skirted suit is preferred if the reading demands a more somber tone.

Jeans can be pulled off simply by pairing it with a dressy top for the ladies and long-sleeves for the gentlemen. The shoes of course should complement the entire ensemble. Any type of shoe can be worn by the women as long as the color does not clash with the rest of the getup. Sneakers are allowed if the book reading is for teens and younger children.

Accessories are always welcome to the occasion. For the men a watch with square face and leather straps shows off their character. Bracelets made of silver can give the book reading a special tone for the women. Belts should be in black or brown for men, while women can opt for any color that goes well with the blouse. Earrings should also match the outfit. A metallic necklace with a pendant can also add intrigue.

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