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What to Wear to a Business Meeting

Making a great first impression is crucial to the success of your business

Facing bosses and officemates always requires some competition in the fashion department. In more vain areas gossip tends to center on who's wearing what, or typically, who's wearing who.

For the safer option however, the process of choosing the right outfit can be less of a hassle when you have a general guide as to what you will wear on a business meeting.

Professionalism demands a uniform for all men and women engaged in the business world. Tailored dress is expected and conveys meticulousness otherwise unnoticed in Ready-to-Wear ensembles. A suit is protocol for men, while women can come to the conference in a pantsuit, or in blouse and skirt.

Colors should remain within the standard. Navy, dark gray, and dark brown can be worn without any distracting print or pattern. Men however, can opt for inconspicuous pinstripes on their shirts. For the shoes, leather and earth tones are appreciated.

Clothing must not be too loose or too tight. This is to preserve the atmosphere of professionalism and modesty. For women, wear a skirt that won't impede movement. A manageable slit at the rear is acceptable. For men, trousers should come with a crease in the middle of the leg.

The attire should consist of natural, non-heavy material that is comfortable as well as attractive-looking. Although more costly, these fabrics would benefit you in the long run, as they tend to wear well with age and do not look cheap for a venture in the corporate world. Rayon and synthetic polymers remove the impression of being slick and polished.

Watches and bags should match the suit; loophole earrings and studs should not be displayed.

Shoes to be worn must always be closed-toed. Leather and microfiber shoes in dark hues are standard for men, while women should avoid void clogs, flats, and wedges, and stick to pumps that coordinate with their bag and the entire outfit.

Pants should end a little below the ankles. Skirts should cover the knees, especially if these are unsightly. Stockings are also welcome. Blouses should not reveal the bosom --- a V-shaped neckline with a moderate dip is tolerable, as well as high-collared long-sleeved blouses that well-designed.

The set of clothes of course must be well-fitted to the body type and pressed carefully so that no creases can be seen. Also: underwear must never be revealed, if you do not want to embarrass the boss and lose the deal.

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