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What to Wear to a Jungle Expedition

Being prepared for challenging expeditions in testing environments

Dreaming of trekking in the heart of the wild, wrestling with lush greenery and avoiding death by mysterious animals? Go on, then, but wear a proper outfit. Long ago it was common for certain upper-middle class people to plan trips to remote places such as the forests of India and Africa. This was at a time when the British monarchy was still out stamping already established-countries as its constituents. They were always in right uniform, prepared for the jungle dangers which threatened to snap at their feet and bite away their blood, literally. If you're off on your own jungle tour the expedition won't appear as scary as in ancient times, since now there is the GPS, as well as safety standards followed by nature-trip organizing committees. However, going under the dense canopy still requires the same sensibility recognized by the British way long before.

First of all, walking through acres of wood and vines would entail a pair of shorts that won't hinder your legs or drag you down with their weight. The material should not be made of heavy textile, of course, but of airy cotton or non-sweaty fabric.

For men it is more modest for the leg hole to end just above the knees, while ladies should take caution that it reaches more than half of their thighs, if they don't want to attract lewd locals and get unsightly scratches on their legs.

Sturdy boots are a requirement, pre-made for jungle exploration with ankle support and rubber soles. If you don't want bruises on your feet, keep away from flip-flops, although hard sandals are allowable. Shirts should be light-colored to combat humidity, and short-sleeved for more mobility. Tank tops and sleeveless blouses can also be worn. Socks are a requirement if you're hygienic. Precipitation is frequent in the jungle, so it is cause for concern as you can't very well lug around an umbrella with you while you hike hundreds of meters through undergrowth. Thus bring a transparent raincoat and extra sets of clothes that can be neatly folded into a lightweight bag. For a complete adventure, bring towels with you and fresh underwear. These are essential in keeping you as a distinct civilized person apart from all other parts of the jungle. Although it is cool under the trees, you still get to sweat a lot due to the exercise. Don't forget to bring your water bottle, and refrain from wearing animal prints while you're there!

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