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Clothes to Wear in California

What to Wear in Los Angeles...How to Dress Like a California Girl

How many times have you heard something about California girls and how wonderful they are. They look so relaxed, happy, and like they just have so much fun in the sun. You can make yourself look that way too, even if you don't live on the sunny beaches of California.

Be casual
Dressing like a California girl is all about being casual and calm. Don't worry too much if your hair isn't done completely the way you wanted it to be. Part of dressing in the west coast style is being okay with the occasional out of place strand of hair, or not so perfectly matched nail polish.

Style your hair as if you came back from an afternoon at the beach
You will definitely be seen with a California flavor. You can make a California style in a few ways. First, if you don't have naturally curly or wavy hair, french braid damp hair in 2-inch wide sections right before you go to bed.

When you wake up, take out the braids and gently tousle your hair with your fingers (make sure you do not brush). Wear your hair loose, pulled up in a messy bun, or simply tied back in a ponytail. Finish with a light hairspray or a texturizing spray.

If you already have naturally curly or wavy hair, wash your hair and let it air dry before going to bed. After waking up, comb through it with your fingers a bit, and then either use curl-defining cream or leave-in conditioner. Wear your hair loose, in a messy bun, or simply tied back in a ponytail and add a touch of hairspray to finish.

Add some home-made highlights to your hair 
If you don't spend a whole lot of time in the sun, then you may not know that your hair can sometimes turn a bit lighter if you spend a lot of time out in the sun. You can get the same effect for hair by doing the following:

For hair that is blonde, light brown, or red, take a spray bottle and mix some lemon juice in with some water. Take a few sections of your hair and flip them onto your face. Dampen them with water, and then spray each section of hair with the lemon mixture. Make sure you pull the hair away from your face a little; you don't want the mixture to hit your face or get into your eyes. Once you've done that, use a blow dryer on the highest setting, and continue doing these steps once or twice a week. You will eventually see your hair getting lighter.

If you have dark brown or black hair, you will need a different mixture but it will deliver the same results. Take some cranberry juice and mix it with some water in a spray bottle. Take a few sections of hair from your head and let them fall over your face. Spray the mixture over the strands but make sure you don't hit your face. Once you've done that, use a blow dryer to dry it on the highest setting. Keep doing this once or twice a week, and you will start to see a dark red tinge.

Dress stylish and fun
Contrary to popular belief, people in California certainly don't all dress in bikinis or daisy dukes, though you can if you want. California has different climates depending on what part of the state you're in, so you need to keep that in mind when you dress like you're relaxing in the California sun. If you are dressing as if in the northern part of the state, you will most likely want to keep a layer or two extra since the climate is a bit cooler than the southern half. It also rains a bit more in the northern half than it does in the south. Think in terms of layers with a little vintage, and add in some original flare for the finishing touches. If you want to dress more like the southern half of California, you will need to think in terms of almost all the time warm weather. Surfer outfits and styles also work too, though mainly for men, and crazy colors are a big fashion statement.

Dress for recreation 
Many people in California do a lot of surfing, hiking, or even the nice morning jog. You want to have stylish clothes, but nothing too tight or too loose. Remember, you want to be able to move comfortably in your clothes without too many restrictions. Also, in certain parts of California, the mornings can be a little foggy or chilly. Keeping those extra layers on hand such as scarves, sweaters, hoodies, and jackets is a plus to show off that California style.

On a day that it is a bit cooler, even though it may not be all that cold for you, dress a little bit wintery. Californians think anything under 60 degrees is pretty cold, so wearing something like knee-high leather boots, skinny jeans, a jacket or sweater and a scarf will keep you warm and cozy, and looking Californian.

Protect yourself from the sun 
Believe it or not, being a California girl does not mean exposing yourself to direct sunlight all of the time. Wear some sunglasses, a hat, and use sunscreen religiously so you don't burn up. Not only will you look like a California natural, but you will look a lot younger than most of your friends and colleagues who don't take care of their skin from the sun.

Go light on the makeup 
Californians like the natural look, and makeup is no Exception. Keep it light and minimal; wear just enough to add a bit of emphasis to your face. Remember, if you don't like to wear neutral colors, opt for painting one part of your face with a color while the rest is neutral.

Be yourself
Being a California girl is all about individuality and originality. Learn how to embrace your inner self and project it to your outer appearance and you will already be most of the way there. Follow these tips and you too can release your inner Californian.

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