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What to Wear on a Movie Date for Guys

Planned a movie date with a special someone? Dress to impress and enjoy the film

Going out on a date is cooler when you're wearing just the perfect outfit. Even though you are taking someone special or you are being taken out to watch a seriously awesome action-chick-flick in the dark, your date really needs to see that you are a decent, non-slob person. You don't want to look like you don't care or you're from the 50s for your first movie date with the cute girl you really, really like and just might end up being more-than-friends with.

First thing to remember is to come in clothes that speak about you. You don't really need to go for formal black shoes that a nerd would wear on such an occasion, but you don't want to mess things up either with sneakers pulled together by a thread. Try a clean, comfortable tee that isn't too baggy or too tight, one that doesn't read out offensive messages, or you won't get a second chance with your date. Make sure that your denim jeans aren't torn on the knees or at the bottom of the legs. A jacket is essential if you want to wrap it around later on her shoulders after watching the movie. Leather is in nowadays, but if that's not your kind of stuff, you can always go with a sports jacket or even a casual blazer (you wouldn't want her to wear the blazer, though).

If you really want to impress on this movie date, try a polo shirt that's well-suited to your body type. Khaki pants are also a good thing, especially if your date requested that you'll be watching the movie in the morning. At night, though black pants can be alluring and practical though you're not part of a rock band. Always wear closed shoes if you don't want any ugly feet to be displayed. Sneakers are all right, but they have to be neat and in good condition. It's more preferable for you to wear brown leather. As long as the rest of your clothes don't look out of place, you can also wear those extra big shoes. Avoid wearing shades as you might come off as too self-confident; but if that's what your girl likes about you, then go ahead. During the movie date, you might just get lucky and receive something more than a slight cuddle. That is, if you're careful enough not to ruin your clothes with popcorn.

Okay guys, you've gained some insight on what to wear, got the girl and now you're going on a date. Learn a few tricks to make her fall for you with ease..

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