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Clothes to Wear in New York

What Should You Wear in New York City
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Are you planning to have a vacation in the fashion capital of the US? If you plan to go to New York City, prepare to be around lots of people, different cultures, and the fast pace of life the city has to offer. With New York being a fashion center, you will notice all sorts of neat and trendy styles, no matter what part of the city you are in.

The first thing to take note of when traveling to the big apple is the fact that it is not the place for a boring outfit or lack of style. Choose an outfit by looking at the newest styles in magazines and online. Make sure to keep note of the current seasonal trends and dressing according to the season. New York's climate can change depending on the time of year, so make sure you not only have an outfit that is trendy, but that is either going to keep you warm or cool depending on the weather.

If you are going to New York City on business
It is important to dress according to the way your colleagues are dressing. While business casual may be okay in some instances, most of the time you are to dress professional. Since New York City is home to several big businesses such as Wall Street and the like, it is important to be able to fit in and make a good impression with the rest of your business professionals.

When experiencing New York City's nightlife
You will find it is vibrant, and full of things to do. When getting ready to hit the clubs, make sure you read up on the club to see if there is a dress code or not. Some clubs in New York City actually take what you are wearing into consideration, so make sure you dress to impress. You may also wish to have an outfit or two for dining out since there are several night spots that are also really nice places to grab some dinner or a snack.

Different types of clothes and styles will be worn depending on which part of the city you are visiting. For example, if you are near the university or colleges, you will see jeans and t-shirts or other similar college student attire. The last thing you want to do is stand out like a sore thumb, so make sure you are dressed according to the part of the city you will be visiting.

nyc busy streets

Finally, you want to be able to walk comfortably in the big apple. Most people there spend a lot of their time walking, since it is very crowded with people. As a tourist you will probably spend a lot of time walking, so make sure you have some shoes that will support your feet and let you walk for extended periods of time.

If you like being stylish with your shoes you can either have a stylish pair of walking shoes, or take a fashionable bag or purse where you can keep shoes in and swap them at your destination.

Taking a trip to New York City can be quite an exhilarating experience. You will see many sites and cultures and of course be a part of a very fashionable city. Keep up with the latest styles and make sure you dress to impress and you will fit right in with the fast life of the big apple.

Visiting New York on a Vacation and Not sure what to pack?
When you think about the kind of clothes that you need to take with you when you are visiting New York City, it all depends on the kinds of activities and plans you have planned when you are there. But one thing is a must, comfortable walking shoes, even though the subway system is easy to follow and with the bus system and taxis available, you will still find yourself doing a lot of walking.

If you plan on seeing some Broadway plays
It all depends on the showing you plan to attend. For an opening night of a play, you will need to dress up as opening nights are important social functions in Manhattan and guests are required to wear formal or semi formal attire for these events. If you plan on attending a matinee you could dress casual but neat though for regular evening performances, people tend to dress up a bit but formal wear is not necessary.

If you plan on visiting museums
You should be aware that they keep their air conditioning turned up high in spring and summer. Having a sweater or a light jacket to put on, if you feel cold, is advisable. Museums do not have any formal dress code, so you can dress in anything that you feel comfortable in whether it be jeans, T shirt, shorts or even a sweat shirt. There is one thing that you must remember though and that is these museums are quite expansive so wear comfortable shoes which would let you spend considerable time walking or standing.

If you plan on visiting upscale restaurants in New York
You should be aware that many of them have specific dress codes that they expect you to wear. It is advisable to call ahead and find out how you need to dress since in many cases denim is not allowed and men must wear jackets and in some places they must also wear ties.

upscale restaurant

For women a cocktail dress or dress pants and a combination top is quite suitable. For men though Khaki pants and blazers are suitable in some restaurants while in others it is more appropriate to wear a suit. If a restaurant allows you to wear denims, pair your jeans with a nice shirt and if you happen to be a woman a nice pair of heels or dress shoes if you are a man.

If you are going to a sporting event the obvious clothing is the home teams outfits, but in case you happen to support the visiting team, feel free to wear their colors. If you do not happen to have any home team outfits then wearing casual clothing that works with their colors is more than suitable. One thing you must remember that for a sporting event in New York, casual clothing is perfectly appropriate.

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