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Clothes to Wear in New York: During the Summer

Dressing Up For Summer In New York City
HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival in NYC

New Yorkers who can leave the city in summer do so because it gets very hot and steamy in August. All the concrete seems to radiate the heat. But for those who have to be in the city during this part of the year there is no reason to sacrifice style for comfort. There are always ways to dress both stylishly as well as comfortably while facing the hot summer months.

In early summer though the days can be oppressively hot the night temperatures can drop considerably and make them quite cool. During this part of the summer you can dress in layers, wearing a lightweight dress in light colors coupled with a cardigan or a hoodie. If you want to wear pants see that they are made of linen or cotton. Try not to wear anything that is tight or even jeans. You can pair your pants with a tank top or even a lightweight T-shirt.

nyc concert in the parkindependence day nyc fireworks

When it comes to foot wear, you might be tempted to wear flip flops as they seem to be so relaxed and easy to wear. Flip flops are not made for the rigors of a city lie New York. They are not durable nor are they meant for the potholes that you will find on the streets.

Also with the crush of tourists in the city, you stand the risk of getting someone stepping on your exposed foot. If socks and sneaker are too hot for you to wear, try wearing sandals with a thick sole and a heel that is at least half an inch thick. If you wear open toed sandals, you will need to watch out for the crowd so that you do not have someone stepping on your foot.

Even though the skyscrapers and high-rise building do block off some of the sun, you will need a good pair of sunglasses. Wide brimmed hats are a plus along with your sunglasses, especially if you plan on visiting lower Manhattan.

A large colorful tote in bright colors makes for an ideal accessory to carry all your essentials like your cardigan or hoodie as well as your sunscreen. You could even carry one that is made of woven straw.

See that the handles are secure and well made. Try and avoid the see through ones though they may be popular since you do not want people to see what you are carrying. Dressing up for summer in New York just means that you wear light comfortable sensible clothing, which you could mix to show off your style.

Pictures of what people wear during the summer in NYC summer dresses worn in nyc bright purse summer nyc street style summer nyc nyc street style nyc summer outfit summer dress nyc

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