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What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are becoming very popular as more and more savvy couples opt for less traditional, more relaxed settings for their big day
wedding at the beach

The beach is a fun place to ride the waves, walk leisurely along the sand, and just bathe under the wide open, sunny sky. It is also the place for most weddings that aim to be romantic.

If this is the first time you got invited to a beach wedding, it won't be your last if you know how to dress well. After all nobody wants to see you embarrass yourself again in a less-than-appropriate outfit.

"What is there to it?" You might ask. For starters, dressing for a wedding requires you to carefully examine and predict what other guests will be wearing, as well as what you should wear. This is to prevent any boo-boos of upstaging the bride or groom, or drawing too much attention.

As with any other wedding, do not wear white unless you were told by the organizers to do so. Because it is by the beach, you might be mistaken as someone who just died and is trying to bother the guests.

Kidding aside, this pure color is generally reserved for those about to enter into a marriage and is quite taboo for a guest to attempt.

On the beach it is breezy, so do not ever wear heavy clothes made of wool or cotton. Linen is your best bet for strolling near the shores and going everywhere within the venue. Because this is a wedding, light colors are more attractive so you should wear baby blue, pale yellow, etc. You can also use gray clothes as long as it is near white in color and doesn't look as if it hasn't been washed.

Button-up shirts with short-sleeves are advisable for men, while ladies can come in a strapless and wrapped with a shawl. Because this is still a wedding, any temptation to wear a miniskirt or a pair of shorts should be resisted.

Flat shoes are recommended, and because a beach wedding is casual, sandals may be worn by the men as long as these cover up most of the feet. The women can wear heels, but this is discouraged as the tip of the heel will tend to punch a hole in the sand and make it very hard for the guest to walk.

A wide-brimmed hat can be worn on the top of the head to protect from intense sunlight. Also, to prevent skin complications, all those who attend should wear sunscreen.

Pictures of what's worn at beach weddings family and guestsguest bride and groombride and groom beach wedding dress

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