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Clothes to Wear to a Wedding in the Tropics

If you're attending a wedding in the caribbean, read this dress guide

If you are unsure of what to wear to a Caribbean wedding, you're not alone. The problem with tropical weddings is the fashions can range to anything from comfort and simplicity to lavish elegance. Generally, you want to feel comfortable though, lighter dresses, sandals, even flowers in your hair will help you fit right into the tropical atmosphere.

Caribbean wedding dresses
There is a wide range of dresses to choose from for your caribbean wedding. They can range anywhere from barely there pieces of clothing paired with a sarong or pareo, and fresh island flowers neatly tucked into your hair, to beautiful gowns with tiaras and veils. You can even combine the two, wear a nice ceremonial dress, but keep that barely there bikini hidden underneath for you to reveal when the time is right. Remember, this is a tropical climate, so while you want to look nice, you also want to dress comfortable, and enjoy the warm tropical sun.

tropical wedding dress photos

For the groom
Cotton or linen are definitely great choices for caribbean weddings, so try to find a groom wedding suit with these types of fabric. There has also been a rise in popularity of Hawaiian and colorful prints, so the groom can also dress more casual and comfortable in order to enjoy the sun rays.

Caribbean weddings, bridesmaids' outfits can be a little less formal than the bride or groom's outfit. Often they will go with vibrant and lively colors, but remember, this is the tropics, colors never really run out of season here. Feel free to experiment with colors, coming up with the perfect look to compliment your bride and groom.

Bridesmaids dresses for a tropical wedding

Shoes like wedge heels and strappy sexy sandals go perfectly with these light and feathery summer dresses while lightweight sandals or bare feet will work perfectly for the groom. All in all, what you want to wear to a Caribbean wedding boils down to personal creativity and style. Decide on the theme for your wedding, add a tropical flavor to it and enjoy what a romantic time in the tropics has to offer.

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