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What to Wear on a Cruise

Dressing with comfort and style in mind is important for any cruise trip
cruise ship at sea

It's your first time going aboard a cruise ship for a trip to another continent. However, you don't know what to bring with you. Spending weeks on a ship would not be so troublesome if you've got the right clothes on to help you mingle with other passengers.

Because, large cruises typically have their own schedule for occasions and activities that keep cruise-takers fit and busy, be prepared to take more clothes than you would normally keep when you are out on trip.

In leisure ships with swimming pools, it's a must that you pack your bathing suit with you, even though you haven't planned on taking a dip. You might be surprised when you become enticed to wade in the water with newly-made friends. Also, don't forget to wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You may end up sun bathing on the deck of the cruise ship so having your bikini or tankini with you should not be overlooked.

Because fancy restaurants are sprinkled aboard, remember to take with you at least two sets of formal wear which consist of a coat and tie for gentlemen, and blouse and skirt for the ladies. The experience of being on a cruise can be turned even more special by taking out your extraordinary outfits, such as a tuxedo and dinner suit for the men, and a gown or a cocktail dress for the women. Shawls can be worn on the shoulder to fight against the cold sea air of the evening.

To make the trip more relaxing, the normal clothes should be made of lightweight material in light and bright hues. Blue, pink and green are great for exuding fun and excitement. Black and darker tones are reserved for formal occasions during the cruise.

For days on the deck, a comfortably fitted dressy tee-shirt paired with casual shorts would do the job for younger couples, while more mature passengers can do with button-up shirts and blouses matched with loose pants.

Visiting poker tables and lounges require something more casual to wear, and men can loosen up with Hawaiian shirts and a Panama hat.

Jewelry should be restricted to a necklace, a watch, and a bracelet to take precaution against unwanted attention from any unscrupulous person on the ship. Earrings should be one for the day, and another one for special meals on the evening.

As for makeup, women can opt for nude faces with a little lip gloss during mornings, and full-scale glamour at night. After all, it's not everyday that you can ride on a cruise.

Cruise line dress codes
The typical requirements is that you bring three types of clothing. One for casual day wear on the ship, conservative port wear and evening wear. Daywear being pants or slacks, shirts or blouses, polo shirts or knit tops. A pair of sneakers or rubber soled shoes for sports on the deck and a cover-up for your swimsuit.

For women smart casual attire is considered to be pants or skirts with no holes, rips or tears with a sweater or blouse. For men: pants with no rips, tears or holes with a sports shirt or sweater. Shirts must have sleeves.

Formal cruise attire for women can be a cocktail dress, dressy pantsuit or gown. For men a tuxedo or jacket with slacks. It's important to note that different cruise lines have unique policies on what can be worn in the main restaurant during evening hours.

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