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What to Wear on a Cruise for Women

A guide for girls on what you should wear on your cruise vacation

What to wear on a cruise? You would think this is an easy thing to figure out, Right? Well after you experience it, you will find different. Sure, you may have the bikini and sunglasses packed and you think you are ready to be out the door. In reality to be fully prepared you need to consider a lot. When you think of going on a cruise you dream of endless sun on the dock. Well, that is part of it depending where you are going. Most people in the U.S. go on cruises for the sun. In that case you should be very prepared.

Day wear
Simple day wear clothing is acceptable and most respective on a cruise ship. Casual clothing such as summer dresses, cut off jeans with or without holes, capris, shorts, t shirts, or polos. The only time you should be prancing around in a bikini is on the dock in the sun or by the pool. It is disrespectful and not acceptable to be wearing your beachwear in a restaurant or shops. You should dress as you would on land. There may also be dress codes on parts of the ship. Ladies are expected to dress as ladies. Simple cocktail dresses are very much accepted. Anything elegant is accepted. If you don't have or want to wear a cocktail dress, a simple skirt or even dress pants or trouser suit.

Sunny Cruise
When cruising in the sun, it is wise to be prepared for the cooler nights and the unexpected rain that comes through. Jean jackets or any light weight jackets can still look stylish and keep you warm. Also remember to lather up in the sun block with good sunglasses. Summer hats are also a great way to protect you from the sun and still look good. Don't forget to keep hydrated! Pack your own emergency water bottles for any just in case situations.

Foot wear
Don't be afraid to accessorize! Day or night you want to look good. Especially when it comes to shoes. You want to be prepared for all things going on. If you are one to keep fit while on vacation, there is usually a gym. Casual sandals or flip flops are fine for wearing around exploring the ship throughout the day. Nightwear can be a little difficult. It all depends on where you go and what you do. For the dinner parties, heels are worn, but nothing crazy would be wise. You have to remember you won't be on land. Keeping a steady balance could be a challenge, especially if you have a drink or two. Keep it classy and don't overdo it with the alcohol. Dressy flats would be a better idea if you can dress them up. Basic colors would be fine. Sparkles and shine aren't expected.

Jewelry is another good way to accessorize and look good. Bangles and earrings are a good summer look. The more skin you show, it is good to have something there so you won't look so bare. A necklace and matching earrings would look nice for your dinner look.

Out of country cruises
When you are going on a cruise to other countries think about the weather there and where you are coming from. If you are going where it will be cool, prepare for cold or even almost freezing. Being out in the water the air can get a lot colder than expected. Think layers. Thermals, vests, even wool. Don't forget the hat and gloves. Also make sure your outer layer is waterproof. You never know when to expect the rain in the ocean. It can be wet and cold so also make sure your footwear is appropriate. Non slip shoes or even boots are suggested.

Again, think about where you are leaving from and where you are going so you can be fully prepared to make the very best of this awesome excursion you are about to experience!

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