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What to Wear on a Cruise for Men

A guide for guys on what you should wear on your cruise vacation

What to wear on a cruise. Thinking about what to wear for a man is a little easier to do than a woman. What to wear in the day is pretty basic. Comfortable light weight clothing is best. T shirts and polos are most popular for basic day wear. Pair the shirt with jeans, khaki's or trousers.

Pool wear
Pool wear is to be worn only in designated area. Be respectful and not to show off too much walking around like that around the restaurants. You will probably be kicked out.

Evening wear
There will more than likely be a dress code in most parts of the ship. For men, a dressy casual to not quite formal would be required. This would consist more of button down shirts. Depending on your comfort, you could wear long-sleeved or short-sleeved. Solids or stripes would be casual but stylish enough to meet dress code requirements. Jeans aren't recommended. Dress trousers or khakis are best. They will go with just about any shirt so lucky for you, you can pack light. Vests or blazers are good to pack for those cooler nights.

Formal wear
When eating out at the restaurant, a business look is most recommended. Suit and tie is a great look, but a tie isn't required. Just a nice jacket that matches your trousers would be fine, as long as you have the right dress shoes to pull it off. Depending on what functions you are attending, you may be required to dress the black tie attire.

This is a suit with a black bow tie and black dress shoes. There are also some functions that require White dinner jacket attire. This would consist of the same attire as black tie, except in white. Keep the black tie. Some ships even rent them out for those who aren't as prepared. Hopefully with this article we can save you from the embarrassment.

Yes, men can accessorize too! If you want to dress to impress for the right occasion, you want to make sure you have the right items such as a tie, belt, cuff links, cummerbunds, hats, shoes, and for those late cool nights a scarf will come in handy.

For the daytime while exploring the ship, sandals, sneakers, or deck shoes are recommended. Nighttime comes around and it's a whole new ball game. Leather slip-ons are stylish and would go great with any suit. Black is most popular. If the dinner is very formal then you will need to go for an Italian style shoe. As long as they are clean and shiny, you will be accepted in most functions.

Don't stress, you will be prepared to go on this awesome vacation and be able to participate in all functions the ship has to offer.

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