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Not Sure What To Wear on a First Date?

Learn what to wear on a first date, how you dress should send the right signals
couple on a first date

First dates can be incredibly exciting and stressful times in a woman's life.

You find yourself looking forward to getting to know more about that handsome hunk from the office or that you met through friends but, you agonize over what to wear on a first date with new fellow.

You want to dress to impress but, you don't want to over do and come off looking like royalty when he shows up dressed in jeans.

    Quick Tips
  • Relationships are founded on a series of first impressions, if you want it to work make the most of it
  • You already know what flatters your best features, dress to let it shine, it will work wonders for your confidence.

Don't show too much skin.
First dates are a time for a couple to start getting to know one another and let's face it men are visual creatures. This means if you want him to notice your wit and charm and not just your body you don't want to draw his attention away from your face or your words.

Dress for the occasion if at all possible.
Most women have had one or two dates where they really had no idea where they were going ahead of time. But, in most cases the gentleman usually gives some hint such as suggesting a movie, a trip to the zoo, hiking, or dinner out. When you have some idea where you are going then dress for the occasion. There is nothing that makes a woman feel more awkward than being over or under dressed for that first important date.

Choose Something That Makes You Feel Beautiful and Confident.
When choosing what to wear for that first date keep in mind that you want your date to get some idea of the real you. In order for you do that you need to choose an outfit that you feel both beautiful and confident in while being comfortable. If trendy fashions are your thing and you end up dressing ultra conservatively because you think your date will approve you will spend the whole date feel as though you are playing a role and won't be able to relax and enjoy the experience.

Remember it is you he has ask out.
Unless this is a blind date, keep in mind that your date has seen you before possibly on several occasions. There was something about you that he found appealing or he wouldn't have ask you out in the first place. So, relax and decide that what you choose to wear on your first date should be in keeping with exactly who you are and you won't go too far wrong.

If you really like the guy
So you're about to go on a first date with a guy you really like, taking the time to dress to impress can score big points. It can get the date started in the right direction since your date will be able to tell by your appearance that this is something you've been looking forward to. It's called dressing for success for a reason.

If you're having second thoughts about the guy
Don't wear anything that reveals too much skin and suggest that the date be shared with a close friend or double date with another couple. Doing so will give you the time you need to decide which direction you would want to take things.

If you have a change of heart and it's too late to cancel
To scare the guy away from wanting to date you again you could try wearing baggy sweatpants and an over-sized t-shirt. Wearing clothes with rips or stains could also do the trick, this method could possibly backfire as your date may think you are super down to earth and become more interested. You want to give the impression that your date isn't worth the time to prepare.

If it's someone you work with
Seeing someone from your job can be awkward, neither of you have probably seen each other outside of work and seeing each other of work clothes can be like meeting your date for the first time. If the clothing you wear at work gives you a certain image or slightly effects your personality.

If you like the guy then you should try to wear an outfit that's similar to the style you would wear in the office without it being to professional. Take note of how you style your hair and makeup when at work vs when off the clock, it makes a difference.

In the end, whether or not that first date is a success is going to depend more on your personality and how comfortable you are in meeting and spending time with someone new rather making the right choice of what to wear on a first date. If you common sense when choosing your outfit and feel comfortable with yourself then your date will feel comfortable with you as well.

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