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What to Wear on a First Date

How to dress for your next date. What to wear to look your best for a special night
couple on a date

Most men and women want to look good on their first date. It is in our human nature to impress others, and a first date is no exception. While this is true, not everyone may know how to dress well. Our physical qualities are just as important as how you present yourself however, how you dress really represents the type of image you portray. When women are at a loss as to what to wear, you can bet they are on the phone to their best friends asking for assistance in what might just fit perfectly.

Men generally don't have as much fashion enthusiasm as their counterparts however, they generally try to check the dress code of the place they will be visiting for that first date and learn from other clueless guy mistakes. Still, if you find yourself in a bit of trouble, asking yourself the dreaded what am I going to wear question, here are some good tips to push you in the right direction.

Always be classy
You may feel awkward if you show up to a place a little over-dressed, but the truth is this may work well in your favor. Obviously don't go dressing in formal attire for a casual outing however, if the clothes you picked out make you look just a bit over the top its okay.

It shows you have some class, and your date might just be impressed with your confidence. Wear something that makes you feel great about yourself. You want to feel good, yet look good at the same time. If you can't decide how casual or dressy you should be, play it safe with a business casual outfit.

Tips for the ladies
It's time to show off your best assets. This doesn't mean dressing trashy or tacky. It simply means wear some clothes that will show off parts of your body in a subtle way. That form-fitting turtleneck can sometimes be very stylish, and along with some nice earrings will help you show off your pretty face. On the same token, if your bust is your asset of choice, wear a v-neck top or wrap dress. For your waist wear a belt, and for your legs skinny jeans, a short skirt, dress, or tight pants are okay.

Tips for the men
Your goal here is not to start creating a new look or persona, but showing the best of your current one. This is not the right time to try something new or wear anything too outlandish. Keep a simple and classic style if you're not used to rocking the expensive threads or jewelry. While most men swear by jeans and a t-shirt in order to play it safe, it's not sexy for that first date. Instead of sticking to another pair of jeans, try a pair of slacks and a sweater or shirt that is tucked in. Turtlenecks can be a nice option for men as well.

What should I wear on a formal first date?

For the ladies:
If the date is more of a formal one, keep it simple. Wear a long black dress, a nice pair of earrings and a necklace. You don't want to make it too fancy; you want people to look at you, not your jewelry. If you're going for cocktail hour, wear something short but comfortable.

For the men:
If it is a formal event you need to know if it's black tie. If it is then wearing a tuxedo is your best bet. Keep it simple, the traditional white pleated shirt, simple studs and cufflinks will suffice. If it isn't a black tie event then try wearing a navy blue suit with a really nice blue striped or checked dress shirt and a pair of formal shoes.

What should I wear on a casual first date?

For the ladies:
If the date is more of a casual one then you need to look good yet comfortable. Casual clothes reflect more of your personality, so allow that chance to let it shine. If you're typically not a jeans person don't start being one simply for the sake of your first date. Wear clothes that fit you and give you the sense of style you enjoy. Long and Short sleeve shirts come to mind depending on the weather.

For the men:
Never wear white socks or running shoes to a casual date, unless you are actually going to be running. Polos are generally a good casual yet stylish shirt to wear. Pair that with some flip flops and a nice pair of cargo shorts, and you got a casual yet comfortable look.

What to wear on a last-minute first date?

For men:
If you only have an hour to get ready, you need to focus your time on being neat and clean, yet simple and stylish. Personal hygiene says a lot about the kind of person you are as well as your outfit, so make sure to look and smell nice.

For women:
First, try one of your favorite outfits. Second, take your favorite pair of nice shoes and work your outfits around them, or if you have several pairs of shoes the other way around. Finally, if you can't find the perfect outfit in a hurry, simply stick to a nice complimenting dress. You can always doctor a dress up with shoes, a jacket, or a shawl.

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