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What Not to Wear on a First Date for Women

The first date is your chance to make a good impression for yourself

You may know what to wear, and you may even have an idea of what you like most, but you may not always be aware what your guy friend you're interested in wants you to wear. You certainly shouldn't change your personality to suit him, but for that first date a bit of impression goes a long way. It's a fact, even guys who say they don't care much about clothes are lying, they care to an extent.

Don't wear anything too revealing. It makes you look trashy and easy. Guys don't like a lot of work, but they don't want a woman who looks like she's been around the block either. At the same time, don't cover up completely.

Huge purses.
Guys get turned off by that. They start thinking you're an expensive woman who has expensive taste and a lot of materialistic qualities, anything too dressy. Guys want to look at you, not your jewelry. Keep the event you are going to in mind when you pick out jewelry.

That has adjectives like hot, wet, sexy, lusty. 

Ear gauges

Furry boots
Definitely no. 

That may have controversial sayings or opinions on them.

Too much makeup.
A guy wants to see your face, not a pretend face that can be washed off at night. Go easy on the makeup. 

Uncomfortable shoes.
 If you can't walk comfortably in them, leave them at home. 

A bad attitude.
Unless you really don't like they guy, why bring a bad attitude to the date? Save yourself the trouble and cancel the date if you have a change of heart.

While glitter is shiny and pretty it's not professional nor does it work on the first date. Don't worry if you are a glitter enthusiast, you can always scrub off normal makeup when you get home. Something that can fall off, unzip, unbutton, or slip up. This kind of goes with tacky; keep your hot self under wraps at least for a bit. 

Something that you haven't worn
You need to be comfortable in what you wear. Guys notice if you aren't comfortable in something which in turn does not make you sexy.

No bra.
It's tacky and looks kind of gross, especially if you're big chested. 

A turtleneck.
While we've said before don't show off cleavage, it's okay to show a little bit of skin. Letting guys have a peek at your neck is okay. 

Guys have differing views on hats but they're usually negative views. Stay away from the hats to play it safe.

In short, guys want to see your skin however, they don't want to see your boobs or butt right away. Don't go too dressy; instead opt for comfortable and stylish. Tone down your makeup, don't wear a hat and always wear a bra. Keep these tips in mind and you can still look good and impress at the same time.

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