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What Not to Wear on a First Date for Men

A few tips on what not to wear on a first date for guys
first date and last date

Men, Knowing what not to wear on a first date is crucial. It can alter your whole future with your possible soul-mate, and hers as well. First dates are supposed to be memorable, and in a good way. Unless of course this is a blind date set up by your grandmother and you just want to freak the poor girl out, do the total opposite. Otherwise, listen from a girl's point of view on some do not's.

You should probably not wear this on your first date and why

A sleeveless shirt.
As buff as you may be, show those arms when you hug her goodnight. She would be more eager to see them on a later date.

Tight shirts
Again, I know you guys like to show off that sexy bod you have been preparing to show off, but keep it covered.

Horrible over-sized shirts.
This is a bad look all around. Weather you are overweight and trying to hide what we can already see or you want to look bigger than you are, these over-sized shirts don't work.

Sagging baggy pants.
The look is just as bad as the over-sized shirt you would probably wear with them. You may think you will be the next rapper to make it big, or whoever inspires you to dress this way, but this isn't what a girl wants to see as her future.

A suit.
This is not a business dinner. Don't get me wrong, women love to see a man in a suit, just not on a first date.

Polo and Formal pants.
You want to be casual dressy, not too preppy.

A tie
Again, this isn't a professional meeting where you have to impress your boss.

A hoodie.
It seems to show a lack of confidence in yourself. On a casual day with friends that know you, it's different. She doesn't know you like that yet.

Torn jeans
Yes, they may be the most comfortable pair of jeans you own, just don't wear them on the first date. 

Flip flops.
That goes a little too casual. Nothing romantic about the sound of flip flops as you stroll a sidewalk hand in hand.

pink shirt.
Supporting breast cancer awareness is such a sweet thing to do, just don't show that part of you off right away.

Leather pants
Unless you are a biker dude meeting up with a biker chick, it's not what she would be expecting. Not everyone looks good in leather.

Tennis shorts

I feel like this should be a known, but to some of you out there that see nothing wrong with this picture, I have to say it. Don't.

 Plaid pants, plaid shirts, no plaid. I can see it as a cute, funny thing to do when you take her golfing with you, but golfing isn't the best first date idea. Second, maybe.

High School Letterman Jacket
Unless of course you are still in high school, it may be a cool thing to do. But if not, keep that jacket where it belongs...in the past. 

Skinny jeans 
Just keep the image of your body a mystery on the first date.

Okay, I know some of you guys are looking at this and looking at your closet and thinking you have no hope of impressing a girl on your first date. Don't worry, you aren't totally screwed. Some of these MAY be okay on a first date. You want to show yourself and be yourself. You don't want to portray to be someone your'e not. Just don't put it all out there at once.

Especially in your style. Whether you asked her or she asked you, she said yes for a reason. She liked what she saw. All women are different, as are men. If you are a guy who is a little too comfortable with himself and is used to wearing shirts with stains or the undershirt you wore the day before, these are some small tips for you. Some of these are a must follow for someone who has no clue.

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