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    ...ss with tan or brown boots would be perfect. Depending on where the concert is taking place, outdoors or indoors it may be hot. If you want to top off the dress with a jean jacket just to make ...

  • Burlington County Institute of Technology

    ... Henley shirtsShirts with any pattern, stripe or designHooded shirts, sweaters or sweatshirtsOutdoor' jackets, even if they are light-weight jackets such as windbreakersLow-cut topsSleeveless to...

  • What to Wear to an Indoor Concert

    ...ist of it you can play it by ear and make comfort your first concern. For those going to an outdoor concert: read this. Pictures of what people have worn to an indoor concert

  • What to Wear to an Outdoor Concert

    What will you wear for that upcoming music festivals or concert that is being held outdoors? They take place around the world and during every season of the year. Dressing for the we...

  • Finding the Perfect Birthday Outfit

    ...in mind, because you never know if the weather will change. Think about if they are going to outdoors or indoors for their celebration. This may help you decide between something with or withou...

  • What Should I Wear to a Baseball Game?

    ...fore you take your seat, If you love your team you have to. Baseball games are usually an outdoor event so keep that in mind when dressing. When it's cold out it will be colder and if it's h...

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