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  • Golf Dress Code

    ...wear them. One wonders if the uniform adopted by golf is now partly due to its tradition in the game but also partly due to the large clothing and apparel industry that has developed around it. R...

  • Tennis Dress Code

    Whether you are playing in a tournament or simply practicing in an un-umpired game, at a posh club or at your local tennis court, you must adhere to the ideal tennis dress code. ...

  • Clothes to Wear in New York

    Are you planning to have a vacation in the fashion capital of the US? If you plan to go to New Y...

  • What to Wear on a Cruise for Men

    ...dals, sneakers, or deck shoes are recommended. Nighttime comes around and it's a whole new ball game. Leather slip-ons are stylish and would go great with any suit. Black is most popular. If the d...

  • What Should I Wear to a Baseball Game?

    Gettin ready for a baseball game doesn't have to be complicated. As long as you have some comfortabe clothes, and I know you do...

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